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Kristoff Brown, Atlanta, 20 (
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Viviane Sassen studied fashion design and photography before earning an MFA from Ateliers Arnhem. Having spent three years of her early childhood in a remote village in Kenya, her work is influence by the young memories of her first home.

"Bright sunlight, dark shadows, the market with dead sheep hanging upside down with their tongues out, the other children who always wanted to touch my face and hair, the pure darkness that fell on the village at night."

At 16 Sassen returned to to Kenya for a visit and despite her comings and goings, she keeps being drawn back to a place where she feels familiarity with, but can not deny that her presence will always be a foreign one. However, she harnesses her mix of nostalgia and talent to produce images that provide an enjoyable contrast of light and dark.

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The Grace
Model: Terry Lovette
Photos by Dex R. Jones
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