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Nicki on the cover of Wonderland magazine. 

(via femalerappers)

Queens natives LL Cool J & Nicki Minaj Grammy Promo Pics

The 54th annual Grammy’s ceremony takes place February 12 on CBS

Thats right ——- Mona Lisa can’t fade her. I mean Marilyn Monroe, she’s quite nice. But why all the pretty icons always all white." -Jay Z

Nicki Minaj for W Magazine November 2011.

Nicki Minaj at the Oscar de la Renta show

Nicki Minaj at Lincoln Center attending Betsey Johnson 2012 fashion show

Can someone describe in detail what exactly Nicki’s wearing?
Is she even wearing shoes?

Becky says:I Freaking love it I just don’t get the dress too much with all the other soft fabrics, because I’ve never seen in done in that matter but she looks hot! Committed to the harajuku lifestyle which can be hard in mainstream America. I so hope it catches on.

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