KibonenNY Fashion Presentation

On Monday I was invited to Cameroonian designer Kibonen of KibonenNY fashion fundraiser. Kibonen was invited to South Africa Mercedes Benz fashion week, she started an indiegogo account to help raise  the funds to get her there.

KibonenǀNY (KNY) is a fresh fusion of this rich culture with contemporary styles, fabrics and trends. KibonenǀNY is an ethical fashion brand. Cameroon is a country with abundant talent, unbelievable design aesthetics, amazing and beautiful people yet over 49% of the population live below the poverty line. This was another gripping factor that urged the formation of my brand, using the business of fashion to help create employment in Cameroon, paying employees a fair wage, that will not only aid survival but allow them to improve their standard of living.

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photos by hennyxharmon

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