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The Fall Blues by Opal Stewart of

What are you wearing: H&M top, American Apparel riding pants, steve madden heels, bcbg bag.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe right now? My favorite item in my wardrobe right now is my Grandpa sweater that I purchased from Urban Outfitters. The weather is changing so I plan on living in it throughout the Fall and Winter months. It is so warm and cozy. I like to pair it with an over sized printed scarf and my Levis 501 jeans. Its comfortable but still chic in my opinion.

Your definition of fashion and or style? Fashion is the many popular trends in which we are presented and Style is the way in which we personalize those trends.

Do you care more for fashion or style? I care more about Style than I do Fashion. I Love seeing the different ways in which individuals customize the same pieces and make a look that is their own. I believe that self expression is an important factor when it comes to Style and I like that we can tell stories through the way we dress.

Favorite current fashion trend?/least favorite? Currently I am really in love with silk pants, pencil skirts and of course oversized blazers. I currently found a beautiful pair of silk pants from Topshop that is on my list of future purchases and a gorgeous full length body-con skirt by Haider Ackermann that I can only dream about right now. I would have to say that my least favorite trend has to be anything with the brand name plastered all over it. I like subtlety and I believe that having a brand name written all over any item is very ostentatious.

Who or what inspired you to create a fashion blog? I have always been very much into fashion. When I was younger I of course could not really dress the way I wanted because I cared about what people would say. “what is she wearing?” “where does she think she’s going dressed like that?” As I grew into myself and became more comfortable in my skin, as cliche as that sounds, I cared less about what other people thought of me dressing up to go absolutely “nowhere” and more about me having ONE life to live and living it dressed the way I wanted. A huge inspiration for me was also other fashion bloggers who I connected with. I finally realized that there were other individuals out there that were not “under-dressing” for society but “over-dressing” for themselves. So I created my fashion blog to inspire others to tell their stories through their individual styles.

What does Black Fashion mean to you? Black fashion, in my opinion, represents the ability for me to set my own standards and not be defined by preconceived notions of what I should be. It means expressing oneself freely without being confined to fit a certain mold. .

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Fall is here by Tosha Eason of

What are you wearing: trench: F21, blouse: thrifted via Goodwill, pants & pumps: Zara, jewelry: mix of Chanel, F21 & flea market, leather bag: flea market, watch: la mer collections

Who are your favorite black designers? I really admire Tracy Reese style icons? Shala Monroque And why? Tracy Reese-I love the way she dresses a woman’s body and how she has built such a successful brand. Shala Monroque-are you kidding…her style is effortlessly classy, chic, humble and bold at the same time. Each ensemble is stamped with her own style characteristic.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe right now? Oh I have two…My yummy vintage mongolian lamb fur coat & my lovely camel colored wool vintage cape!

What’s your definition of fashion and or style? I believe style is specific to the character of the person…it’s a persons ability to express themselves from a pure place of inspiration & confidence. It’s a stamp and it’s more about the person than the outfit in my opinion.

Do you care more for fashion or style? Definitely style…although I do love fashion, it’s influenced heavily by trends, trends die down and then come right back around. Style for me is something that is consistent and specific to the person, it’s like a fingerprint.

Favorite current fashion trend?/least favorite? I really have fallen for the Levis destroyed denim short & chunky heels. My least favorite trend is DEFINITELY creepers…sorry creepers lovers.

Something in your closet that you couldn’t live without? My new white double breasted blazer with gold buttons…

Who or what inspired you to create a fashion blog? My friend Dannie told me I should start a fashion blog 2 years ago, & I thought “Yeah right”, and believe it or not I had no idea that this whole world of fashion blogging existed. I have always been the creative type and come up with new ways to put things together and never knew there was so much inspiration out there. So here I am two years later and loving every minute of expressing my creativity through my style and extreme passion for fashion. I really do love it…I want to be involved in fashion for the rest of my life.

Best moment of your blogging career? I would have to say my “Style Pantry” feature. That was nice…oh and being featured on the home page on Chictopia.

What does BlackFashion mean to you? I can share what I would like for it to mean, Black fashion to me means a cultures ability to move forward with no restrictions, and express themselves not based or founded on the rules of just culture, society or fashion, but founded in the liberty of what they are truly inspired by.  Living a stylized life outside of the box…outside of the box that says you have to conform or be a certain way. 

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The Essentials by Florie Mwanza of
"…because every wardrobe needs a basic white tee, a black clutch, fierce nails, a cute pair of heels and simple statement jewelry."

What are you wearing? H&M top, Levi’s cut offs, New Look heels, River Island clutch, misc jewelry

Something in your closet that you couldn’t live without? I’m a very lazy creature of habit so the items I absolutely refuse to live without are my grey marl men’s t-shirts (I own a load)! There’s just something about a crisp grey t-shirt that makes me feel fresh and clean.

Favorite current fashion trend? I find hard, shiny things really fascinating so I’m in LOVE with all the bold, statement jewellery I’m seeing at the moment, I like the fact that you can just put on a few rings, a cuff, a chocker and be done with

Fashion or Style? Definitely style over fashion for me. There’s such a quick turn-around when it comes to trends right now and unless you have Daddy Warbucks funding your wardrobe, it’s really important to nurture your personal style so that you can dip into the trends but not bankrupt yourself or end up looking like a clone in the process.

What does BlackFashion mean to you? I find the phrase ‘black fashion’ very subjective so I’ll just say that to me fashion means fun, they way you choose to dress should be a representation of who you are and not what you’ve been told you should be. 

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California Coastin by Amara Nichole of

Explain what you’re wearing.
I’m showing what I would wear for a casual day at the beach. The sandals from urban outfitters and skirt from forever 21 definitly tie into the summer season but I feel the shirt is dressy enough to give the outfit a more polished piece which can also be purchased at forever 21.

What does style means to you?
Style to me is a big reflection of yourself. Its the quickest way to express yourself to people at first glance. Its a way to let people know what your into. Style to me is also a way to be endlessly creative. You can do so much with style, whether its changing your accessories or wearing a shirt differently. You can change things to the way you like it and the best part is that everybody has their own unique style!

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?
Although i do follow some trends i feel i just dress to what appeals to my eye. I would say if anything inspires me it would be other fashion bloggers. Seeing the way others put outfits together can give you ideas that you can bounce off and mix with your own personal style.

What inspired you to start blogging?
Basically what inspired me to blog was my love for streetwear brands. When I was younger I loved brands like Hellz Bellz, Dimepiece, and Married to the mob. I would visit their sites and it would give me so much inspiration and ultimately gave me the idea of having a place where I could show my own style and ideals. Although I still do enjoy street wear brands, I think my style has evolved to different varieties of fashion like sophisticated and edgy for example.

What inspired the blog name?
As far as the name “Living Life Wasted” it was a name that both me and my cousin came up with. In the future we’d like to have our own fashion line with “Wasted” incorporated in the title. One misconception that I get alot is that the wasted part in the title means to get drunk which is untrue. Living your life wasted basically means to live your life free and full of fun but overall it’s about being true to yourself and being free spirited.

What does Black Fashion and or black people in fashion mean to you?
Black fashion to me is an accomplishment. Considering the fact that at one time black people weren’t highly recognized in the fashion community, it shows a great growth and now some of the best dressed are black people. Im proud that some may include me in the black fashionista category.


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bdg henley | camo pocket square | chanel bracelet | Dumb watch | levi chinoswood | leather bracelets | christain louboutin shoes

It’s our honor to present the 21 year old Nigerian designer Funferekeniye. Funfere has a different kind of style, one that appeals to the eye with his great use of color and props. While he might be the only guy I’ve seen in the year 2011 rocking a grill he’s also one of the few guys I’ve seen wear a clutch and pull it off quite well. This and may other reasons are why we’d like to present to yo Mr. Funferekeniye Bodoiwei Koroye of

What does style means to you? this questions comes my way often and honestly style is my journey through life. i have been to four continents and i have been influenced by numerous cultures so to me style in a conglomerate of all that makes me the person i am today.

Where do you get most of your inspiration from? I draw most of my inspiration from British, Nigerian and Japanese culture. the use of color and the fit on clothes are great points of emphasis.

Your view on Black fashion: I have no real view on color in style and fashion but i am proud when i see my brothers and sisters working creatively to unite our race as one, for greatness and success. Black fashion is a strong medium to inspire and create, it is one step in the right direction in our current generation.

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Dominique of Badgirlswearchanel has one of the coolest blogs on tumblr. She’s a 5’1” pierced tatted Badgirl with a lot of good advice. In the photos above her style ooze classical and elegance. Thankfully that’s not all her style is. She’s a label lover, but she doesn’t let it define her style. For this and may other reasons we Dominique to be our Fashionista of the week.

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