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Online Fashion Boutique Review:
Model: Shanique (Instagram)


When Akkera (founder and sometimes designer of reached out to us for a review we were beyond excited. We choose 3 of our favorite items and got to work. limited selection of crop-tops works for just about every fun in the sun occasion, which makes it the place to shop if you’re looking for cute fun stuff to wear this summer. I’m not a leggings girl but if you are has some cute ones for you. 

All the garments seemed well priced, with sizes ranging from small to large. Oh get this, no two barbie crop-tops are the same! also stocks a some rather cool all over digital print T-shirts

Rate: 8.5 - Shop Now! LAlivingx Instagram
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Nene L.A Shiro “​Gamine Collection"​

The highly anticipated S/S 2013 Gamine Collection from Nene L.A. Shiro is here. We asked designer Nathaniel White about his inspiration from this collection and this is what he ha to say:

 I usually do very Pretty feminine clothing. With this collection, I wanted to switch it up a bit and make a part of it less girly and more on the tomboy side, hence The name of the collection “Gamine Collection”. Gamine has two meanings, “A wide eyed girl who hangs around the streets” and ”a mischievous girl with a boyish charm” and Both meanings simply fit the mold of the direction in which I wanted to go. This collection touches all of the bases of fashion, Urban, high fashion, couture, avant garde, eveningwear, and everything in between.

Designer/ Stylist-nenelashiro facebook/Nene-LA-Shiro/ 
(Instagram- Nenelashiro_designs)
Photography/ Hair-
Model NastasiaScott

The Archetects presents

- A visual product of NYC collaborative, The Archetects. The Alchemy collection is comprised of two key pieces that focuses on infusing African wax fabric with leather, hence, the use of the term, Alchemy. Designed by teff, THE don; sewn by Zunyda Watson. The design will extend into a variety of prints and patterns, as well as pieces in the coming seasons.

Each piece was handmade, as well as the other pieces that will be available in the online shop, coming this January 2013. 

Also, the shirts and pants will be available in unisex sizes!

We’ll be accepting pre-orders by the end of the month, so stay tuned.

Designer: WYDKED (
Location: Los Angeles
Model: Autumn R.
Photography: Eric Burns

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I recently had the opportunity to interview 19 years old, Brooklyn native Nathaniel “Nene L.A. Shiro” White. Nene L.A. Shiro is a fashion designer who’s ability to mix and match colors are out of this decade. The colors, prints and patterns Nene L.A. Shiro uses are vivid, vibrant, and advanced. Shiro’s designs were recently published in the Aug/Sep issue of Culture magazine. He snagged a spot on Fox 5’s Good day New York to talk about a wedding dress he designed at the age of 18. He was also featured in Women’s Wear daily and the New York Beacon. Enjoy this snippet which didn’t make the interview with the man behind the name, Nene L.A. Shiro.

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Name: Kamala
Age: 25
Location: Currently, Texas.  In the process of moving to Belgium.
Occupation: Intern Architect / DIY Blogger at T E X T U R E    [ ]

Outfit Inspired by: The Dutch architectural aesthetic found in their design process and construction.  I am also inspired by minimalism, clean lines, and structural materials.
Wearing:  Blazer: Thrifted Vintage [ DIY zipper detail ]    Skirt: Thrifted [ DIY zipper detail ] Top: Black Halter

Describe your personal style?
You can do so much when you have a vision for yourself, when you discover what it is that really works for you it can only grow, morph and get better over time.  I am attracted to strong proportions, monochromatic looks, minimalism, and  the ever present air of masculinity.  The idea that certain things belong to men and others to women in fashion is silly, I like to blur the line inherent in gender roles.  Above all I have learned that If you have confidence in yourself and carry yourself in that respect people see that, that is the number one approach to my personal style. 

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Name: Shelly of
Age: 20
Location: Paris
Occupation: Student in Economics in Sorbonne, and fashion blogger.

Shelly writes “Sorry for my English, my native language is french…”

Outfit: Blazer, Bag, Heels: Zara - Sweater: Mango - Skirt: American Apparel - Sunnies: Burberry - Watch: Guess
I wear basic pieces. The zebra bag, the shoes’ details, and the burgundy skirt add a unique touch. This is to me an elegant style.

  1. Personal Style -  I do not have a particular style, generally simple but very classy. I never wear with too many accessories. I always like  to have the detail that changes everything, such as a lace piece, or flashy, or with animal prints! I love the colors, all kinds of printed, but the final look is still sober!
  2. According to you, the most fashionable place in the worldm is. Paris !
  3. Favorite Designers: Elie Saab for their sumptuous evening dress.
    Yves Saint Laurent, Aurélie Bidermann for their fabulous jewels.
    Dolce & Gabanna for their floral pieces. 
  4. Style Icons: Jackie Kennedy and Olivia Palermo.
  5. THIS or THAT
    Online vs In-Store Shopping
    Designer or Thrift
    Open toe or Pointed toe or Round toe Shoes
  6. 5 Favorite places to shop?
    Sandro (french brand)
    Bel Air (french brand)
    Maje (french brand)
    American Apparel
  7. In 10 years… 10 years I would like to work at a fashion magazine or at a designer house, specifically in their financial sector. But I wish I could go to important events such as Fashion Week.
  8. When I hear the term “BlackFashion”, I think of a daring style, colorful, flashy, with African prints, classy jewels or rather ethnic.
    I also think to the countries in Central Africa, where some people are ready to wear fur under a burning sun to be stylish!
    Finally, I think of Rap, singers, black actors, and models (often american people) who affect our lifestyle.
    Kanye West, Chanel Iman, Rihanna, …

Check out Shelly at  | twitter | instagram: @thepeppymay | | bloglovin

The Many Styles of Msbambaataa

Name: Nnenna Bambaataa 
Age: 19
Location: NYC 
Occupation: Student

Outfits’ Descriptions: I actually didn’t wear these outfits anywhere, but to take pictures- I have no life outside of school. I love to wear prints, colorblock, and on my fierce days I throw on all black everything. Usually people get their inspiration from magazines and blogs, but I get mine from the random, beautiful people I see walking among the stylish streets of New York.

  1. Describe your personal style? If I could choose one word to describe my style I’d pick versatile. I wear whatever I feel like wearing. I sometimes go according to themes. One day I could look like a rebel, next day retro, another day urban, and the day after that classy. It all depends on my mood and sometimes where I’m going. I just like to be free, and do me.
  2. According to you, the most fashionable place in the world is… NYC
  3. Favorite designers? Tracy Reese, Alexander McQueen, Balmain
  4. Favorite/Least Favorite current Fashion Trend?
    Maxi skirts- I hate showing my legs, so these are perfect for me! 
    Hmm…I don’t dislike any trends.
  5. THIS or THAT
  6. Any other project you’d like us to keep an eye out for? 
    An official blog as well as a youtube channel for makeup, hair, and fashion
  7. Name 5 of your favorite places to shop offline.
    Beacon’s Closet,
    Buffalo Exchange,
    No Relations,
  8. Online
    UrbanOutfitters (during a sale!),
  9. When you hear the term “BlackFashion” What comes to mind? 
    I think of people (not just black) having the ability to feel free to express themselves.
Check out Nnenna at  | twitter | instagram: @msbambaataa

A Pastel Love Affair by Patience of

Name: Patience
Location: Iowa
Occupation: Actuary

What I am wearing:
Skirt:ASOS, Top: D&G, Shoes: Miu Miu, Bag: Kurt Geiger, Necklace: Express
I love A-line skirts and what’s to jumpstart spring than this pastel one from ASOS. Paired it with burgundy shoes and accessories and a black lace top.

  1. What inspired you to start My fiancee seeing how much I loved fashion and styling encouraged me to start a blog to channel that energy. I have loved it ever since!
  2. Describe your personal style? I love wearing classic pieces with a hint of edge here and there. I work 9to5 in a corporate world that requires business casual so I tend to have more pencil skirts than shorts :)
  3. Favorite designers? I am all over the place on this one. I tend to love Prada and J-Crew
  4. Style Icons? Sophia Lauren, Grace Kelly.
  5. Favorite/Least Favorite current Fashion Trend? Love pastels. Still on the fence on florals but warming up to them
  6. THIS or THAT
    STYLE or FASHION - Style is forever
    HEELS or SNEAKERS- Heels
    LIPSTICK or LIPGLOSS- Lipstick
    BEYONCE or RIHANNA-Rihanna
  7. When you hear the term “BlackFashion” What comes to mind? Fierce and stylish women of color

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'Rocking & Color Blocking' by Kelly of islandchic77

My name is Kelly Williams and I’m and administrative assistant/student and blogger. I wore this outfit on a lunch date with the hubby. Color blocking is one of my favorite trends and today was a nice sunny winter day which totally needed some color to accessorize. I knew I wanted to wear my red shorts but didnt want to do standard black n red or white so I opted for my lovely silk blouse which was an amazing thrift find and it went together perfectly. I then added a bold necklace as my statement piece to top off the look.
Wearing: Green Blouse; Thrifted, Red High Waist Shorts; Forever 21, Tights; Asos, Acessories F21 & Random boutique
  1.  Describe your personal style? My style is very unique yet trendy and chic at the same time. I love prints alot and I adore mix and matching them.
  2. When did you first get interested in fashion? I think fashion has always been apart of who I am. My mom would tell stories of when I was three years old and throwing a tantrum because I didn’t want my hair to be combed the same way twice:)
  3. Favorite designers/Style Icons
  4. I admire Rihanna’s style as well as Kourtney Kardashian and Blake lively. I’m also inspired by the blogger community, I love taking their ideas and creating it in a way to be my own.
  5. Describe your blog. My blog is fun, Its  simple to read and my outfits are very inexpensive without appearing to be;therefore my style appeals to women who likes high end stuff they can imitate the way I put things together to make  them work,  as well as low end, average women who enjoys shopping at Forever 21, H&M etc and don’t care too much for the quality. My blog has definitely helped me to grow, with each post you want to be better, you strive to change something  about your’e look either hair, makeup, location etc which in the end improves you’re blog and attract more people to you.
  6. Favorite current Fashion Trend? My favorite fashion trend at the moment has to be floral prints, sheer shirts/ silks and color blocking.
  7. THIS or THAT            That
    STYLE or FASHION     Style
    Polka Dots or Stripes  Polka dots
    Blackberry or iphone   Neither… Android!
    Clutch or Satchel       Clutch
    Beyonce or Rihanna    Beyonce
  8. Are you working on any other project you’d like us to keep an eye out for? Yes- actually I might be blogging for  popular website very soon, which would be more detailed than my actual blog. I would show “looks for less”, Trend spotting , Beauty Tricks and tons more..stay tuned!!
  9. Name 5 of your favorite places to shop. Forever 21, H&M,, Thrift stores, and Charolette Russe.
  10. When you hear the term “BlackFashion” What comes to mind? Black people of all ages dressed their absolute best. Each in their unique way proving to the world that not only are we strong educated individuals but we are pretty darn fashionable too.


Check out Kelly | @islandchic77 |

Name: D’Andhra Bascomb | Age: Nunya | Location: Southern California | Occupation: Freelance Artist, Jewelry Designer, Digital Illustrator & Pizza Consumer

About the Outfit:
Since Christopher, my photographer (CastleTree Studios- CastleTreeStudios) and I caught some sun in between the storm and winds, we snapped some shots of my Valentine’s look. 

Black Bear
Jacket: EBAY (Similar-style), Red maxi skirt: Vintage (Similar- style), ‘Mustang’ t-shirt: SUPER Vintage, Shoes: UrbanOG (Similar- style), Bag Colored (Pink&Yellow) Clutch c/o Clutched Purses, Sunglasses: House of Harlow, Jewelry: Rings- Betsey Johnson, Versace for H&M, & F21

  1. Who inspires your style most? Song Of Style’s street blog.
  2. Personal style? Very California dreamin. Very preppy casual. FUN. BRIGHT.
  3. Favorite designers? Alexander Wang, All things Louboutin, ACNE, Isabel Marant, and Karen Walker.
  4. Style Icons? Not really.
  5. Trend LIKE: Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges and neon jewelry. DISLIKE: Shirts with the shoulders cut out of ‘em and clear plastic heeled shoes. So stupid.
  6. How is it being a plus sized Fashionista? Better than expected.
  7. Are people as open to you as any fashion blogger? Definitely!
    CONS? My choice to become a fashion blogger hasn’t been received as widely by my artist comrades, clients, and art fans. HOWEVER, a new audience has been generated by my decision. We’ll see how it all plays out.
  8. Are you working on any other project you’d like us to keep an eye out for? Christopher and I are always up to something. Never doubt us. We’re good for keep thangs sexy!
  9. Anything you wished people would ask you when it comes to fashion, style or your blog in general? Why I obsess about pizza. I have a speech written and stashed in the sacredness of my handbag. However, no opportunity- no speech.
  10. When you hear the term “BlackFashion” What comes to mind? I don’t think in ideas, I think words:

    BlackFashion= ELITE, beauty, shapeliness, sharp, RICH, smooth, shiny.


Name: Ariel Sansaricq
Age: 18
Location: Boston, Ma
Occupation: Student, fashion blogger

The outfit:
Vintage high waisted tweed pants, Leifsdottir white silk shirt,Staring at Stars Baja bustier from Urban Outfitters and Wyatt booties by Dolce Vita.
I was inspired by the want to just mix the masculine vintage pants with something a little bit more fun and colorful with like the bustier.
I just wore it to hang out with my boyfriend ( I’m a true believer in dressing up to go no wear) 
  1. When did you first start blogging?
    I have always wanted to start a blog, I did so off and on years ago but I did not officially stay with it till the summer of 2011.
  2. Who inspires your style the most?  
    I’m mostly inspired by street style blogs, other bloggers or just walking through my favorite retail stores.
  3. Describe your personal style?
    I have never been able to really put the way I dress in a box per say. The way I dress is defiantly inspired by menswear, I love anything masculine, anything with color and prints, other than that I just try and always stay true to wearing whatever I want.
  4. Favorite designers?
    I have so many really, Channel will always be the house that inspired me to want to get into fashion, I love Valentino, Marc Jacobs, the list goes on but it’s more so the labels that constantly inspire me.
  5. Style Icons?
    Well in all honest growing up I never liked to look to one person to idealize in any way, but I will defiantly say that Chanel, Michel Jackson, and Audrey Hepburn are the three people that come to mind when I think of anyone that will always have my respect and admiration for their classic style visions.
  6. Fashion trend
    Favorite of the moment is printed pants. Least would have to be women still wearing leggings as pants.
  7. "Made by me literally" I see you’re a big DIY-er. When did you start your DIYs and any plans for them?
    I grew up always being taught to do things with my hands so it’s just in my blood really. Plans, I don’t have anythings set right now but I do have goals, I’m open to anything that comes out of it and maybe an Etsy shop coming soon?
  8. Are you working on any other project you’d like us to keep an eye out for?
    Right now I’m pretty focused on getting through the school year so I don’t have anything planed now but it’s early in the year so we will see.
  9. When you hear the term “BlackFashion” What comes to mind?
    Michel Jackson, early 90’s and the perfect afro.


Check out  Ariel’s blog  and tell her we sent you!

I’m Sabla`, pronounced (suh-blay) and Im a 17 year old Fashion Design student in my senior year of High School.  I work at American Apparel just to add some extra money to my pocket but more importantly I’m an aspiring designer, blogger, artist, and analyzer lol. The look I put together is just a combination of all my top favorite kind of things to wear and I wanted to “feminize” my look up a bit because I’ve been dressing very masculine lately. The gold skirt I’m wearing is actually a dress I made into a skirt and I wore it high waisted because I feel high waisted items look best on me due to my thin frame, plus I just simply like it. Gold is the only metallic accent I wear and probably will ever wear. My wide brim hat and denim shirt is the masculine touch of the whole look, I ‘m a sucker for collars and beaded jewelry. Not much of a fan of bandeaus so it kind of shocks me that I even threw one on for this look and actually liked it. 

  1. On creating  sablagoldensense: My initial goal for my blog was for it to be a fashion blog because around the time I was a huge reader of many fashion bloggers such as Karen of, and Travis Gumbs & Joshua Kissi of But over time as GoldenSense progressed as well as I, I realized I’m not just about Fashion, I’m about music, poetry, art, etc also. So, that’s what I wanted to showcase and that’s exactly what I began to do.
  2. Who inspired your style most in 2011? Menswear inspired my style in 2011 but not more than my own personal creativity and taste. I don’t want to wear something that makes someone say “this look like something such & such would wear,” I want it to be like “This look like something Sabla` would wear.”
  3. Describe your personal style? Ahh! This question has always been a tough one for me. I guess I will describe my style as eclectic, comfortable, creative, and a bit obnoxious on occasions.
  4. Favorite designers? My favorite designers are Carly Cushnie & Michelle Ochs of Cushnie Et Ochs and of course Alexander McQueen because he was more than a designer, he was an artistic GENIUS. The stuff he came up with was beyond spectacular and breath taking.
  5. Style Icons? Solange Knowles, Erykah Badu, and Janelle Monae
  6. Favorite/Least Favorite current Fashion Trend? I Love the whole ombre & color blocking trend. I dislike the patriotic trend of sporting the American flag everywhere especially if you’re not even patriotic.
  7. If you could what trend from the last 2 decades would you like to bring back? Well, I hate everything that was trending in the early 2000’s but the 90’s I feel everything amazing has been brought back or have been attempted to be brought back. I’m going to get a bit crazy and say reeboks, I want to see them make a comeback again and how they will throw their brand mainstream again. Maybe they should partner up with Jeremy Scott.
  8. Does your everyday life play a role in the way you dress? Yes it does. It goes with how I’m feeling that day or how much time I have. Plus going to a very creative school I can get away with some “obnoxious” looks without being patronized about it.
  9. Besides blogging and school, do you have any other projects you are working on? It may not be considered a project but I’m an athlete, Im captain of the Softball & Track Team, and co-captain of the Volleyball Team. I’m focused on winning medals and plaques this year so I’m training hard. But to get back to Fashion, I am working on a collection with a very good friend of mine.
  10. When you hear the term “BlackFashion” What comes to mind? I think of Black culture being conveyed through Style & Fashion in an influential, powerful way. When I hear Black I think of Power, when I hear Fashion I think of Influence. Black Fashion is Powerful Influence.


Check out  Sabla’s blog and tell her we sent you!

Recently I got the chance to interview Jerrica a Dominican fashion blogger of who shared with us her Five Fashion must haves along with being Latin in the blogging industry. Check it out!

  1. What’s your Fashion Philosophy?
    That’s Simple- if you feel good in it wear it!
  2. How would you define your personal style?
    At the moment I would define it as minimalism, classic, menswear inspired thing with a touch of seduction. *Sorry for the mouthful*
  3. What it’s like to be a Dominican (Latina) fashion blogger?
    Pros: I like being able to communicate a second language and learning different phrases/slang words from other Spanish speaking countries. The biggest con is being a tad lonely. I don’t have too many Latin followers nor do I have many favorites but I’m working on changing that.
  4. Do you care more about Fashion or Style?
    To me you can’t have one without the other. Style describes the specifics of an individual’s taste- categorizes them you can say into branches of eccentric, retro, minimalism, etc.- while fashion is the tree that houses each branch of style.
  5. How has your culture inspired you to dress the way you dress?
    My culture is very sensual and I find I’m naturally drawn to dress the part. I love showing a good amount of skin and curves. I’m inspired by the strength and mysterious nature from the women of my culture.  
  6. Who or what inspired you to create a fashion blog?
    I was looking for fashionable interview clothes on Google and came across I quickly noticed everyone had this platform called “a blog” to share their love of fashion with street styles, inspiration images, etc.- after that I was hooked. No one around me craved fashion the way I did and having a blog connected me to others that shared my obsession. The first blog I ever visited happened to be a Latina blogger, Delmy of FashionBananas.
    Links: &
  7. What does Black Fashion mean to you?
    Black Fashion is exciting, colorful, and daring. There’s a sense of community no matter how different the styles are and I find that incredibly unique within a community.
  8. Your five fashion must-haves?
  1. Perfect fitting bottoms that won’t flatten my bottom (preferably in black).
  2. Loose fitting sheer shirt (preferably in white).
  3. Silver-metal accessories.
  4. Sleek slightly over sized tote bag
  5. A pair of killer shoes (no preference).

Check out Jerrica’s blog Fashion Nostalgia and tell her we sent you!

The many fall styles of Chanel of

I would say that my favorite designer is Rachel Roy. She has an eclectic sense of style and I love how she always incorporates menswear into her designs. June Ambrose is also among the list of style icons I look to for inspiration. She has an uncanny ability to mix traditional, more classic pieces with edgier, funkier pieces creating what I like to call “Juniverse Syle.”

My favorite item in my wardrobe would be either one of my two capes, particularly my J.Crew. Thrown over jeans, shorts, and even riding pants, and they immediately take your outfit from basic to classic and tailored.

Do you care more for fashion or style? I would say that I am in the middle. I would definitely say that style is more important than fashion becasue essentially, style is how YOU interpret fashion. Style is everlasting whereas fashion fades in-and-out. Nevertheless, I think it is very important to stay on top of fashion and its many trends, but always being mindful of your particular taste.

Favorite current fashion trend?/least favorite? (right now) would be the return of capes and ponchos, as well as all of the menswear inspired pieces. Everything plaid, wide-leg pants to oversized flared denim jeans, I absolutely love the return of 70’s inspired pieces.

Something in my closet that I couldnt live without would actually be my David Yurman bracelets. I was so excited to have finally gotten my DY collection statred and would definitely say that my bracelets are the icing on the cake to any great outfit.


Check out her blog and tell her we sent you!

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