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Babylonian Headband

Ozzy Frames

Granpas Sweater

Corduroy Skinnies

Name: Queeto Taji, Age: 24, Location: Aurora, IL

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Jeans: Levi’s 

Hat: Rocksmith by Urban Streetwear

Shekinah, 19, Houston, TX. 

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Miss Enocha

Los Angeles, CA

Trudy / 23 / The Netherlands

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"Fashion is what you make of it"

Lavina Ellis, 19, Newport News, Virginia

Instagram: Stylebymufasaa

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Blazer by Andrew Fezza

Kevin Gray, 30, DC

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Kiana B. | 22 | Miami, FL |

Sweatshirt: UO | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: Zara | Pin: Vtg
Watch: Target | Earrings: Claire’s | Jewelry: F21 + Asos + Nordstrom Rack

The African American male is faced with a society that labels him before he is able to identify his own place within the diaspora. The common view is that Black America exists only in relation to White America; Black men exist only in relation to their white counterparts. This view, along with a “post-racial” multi-media brainwashing, leaves the Black man with little space to define himself. The Black man’s ever-evolving self-identification in America has been his longest battle. Slaves had to imagine themselves as Men in a world where they were told they were animals. Black men had to imagine themselves as citizens in a society that told them they didn’t deserve the same rights. Now we must imagine ourselves as Kings in the face of new Klans and as divine decedents of Gods in a mind of our own, that has been told that our physical reality is the only one that exists. 

Photographed and written by Jordan Shanks 

Top: h&m

Skirt: forever21

Shoes: random boutique

Instagram: lefashiondouce 

Michael, 22, Maryland





Tia Nicole (Baltimore)

Four One OH! | @fouroneohblog

Christian Worsley, 20

Greensboro, NC


Instagram: KingDeezus_

Christian Worsley, 20

Greensboro, NC


Instagram: KingDeezus_

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