Riley Montana featured in “Beauty & The Best Of The Pre-Fall Collections Go West! by Carine Roitfeld” photographed by Johnny Dufort For UK Harper’s Bazaar May 2014

Nur Hellmann in “Africa And The City” photographed by Kenneth Willardt For Vanity Fair Italia April 2014

Zuri Tibby photographed by Marcus Ohlsson for Elle UK magazine’s May 2014 issue.

Eunice Rodriguez photographed by Luciana Pampaloune and styled by Donald Lawrence for Jones Magazine

Joan smalls in “Red Alert” photographed by Cedric Buchet for Glamour Magazine’s May 2014 issue

Kelis in Kelisoscope photographed by Louie Wanks for Schön magazine

Beyonce on the cover of OUT Magazine May 2014 issue

“There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists. Men are free and women are not. That is crazy. You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist — whatever you want to be‚ and still be a sexual being. It’s not mutually exclusive.”

Taraji P. Henson covers Upscale magazine’s April 2014 issue 

On what happened after her Oscar nomination and Tyler Perry: “People were like, ‘you just get nominated for an Oscar and the first movie you do is a Tyler Perry film?’ Well, it’s not like Scorsese called me! Tyler was the only call i got the day after the Oscars. And he gave me a quote. Up until then, I had no quote. I was getting paid pennies to do movies. Tyler treated me like a queen.”

On staying grounded/friendships: “I’ve got my road dogs who were with me before all other fame. My best friend in the whole wide world I’ve known since the seventh grade. My other girlfriend was my roommate at Howard. They are my backbone. They know me. When they see me, they look behind the eyes into my soul to see if I’m really alright.”

On the realities of being a black actresses: “It’s always a battle for black women; we’re totally at the bottom of the totem pole. Look at the white girls. How many times have you seen Amy Adams in a period piece with a great actor like Meryl Streep or Christian Bale? And look at Jennifer Lawrence! Hits out the wazoo! How come we’re not nominated every year? Because the scripts and the roles aren’t there. It’s not rocket science.”

On love and dating: “Here’s the deal. I’m no spring chicken. I’m not in my 20s dating around. I’m looking for happily ever after. So, once you get clear on what it is you’re looking for, the pickings are slim, honey. I’ve left the whole continent of North America. I’m looking abroad.”

Arlenis Sosa covers Vanidades Magazine April 2014 issue, photographed by Enrique Vega. Editorial titled ‘Protagoniza Tu Look,’ which means ‘Stars in Your Look’. Styled by Anna Katsanis, makeup by sandy Linter and hair by Hilda Coleman.

Angela Simmons photographed by Bukunmi Grace for a new ‘StylePro File’ on

What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is everything to me! I like to incorporate fashion in everything that I do! Fashion is always evolving and it always allow me to be creative.

What’s your advice for young guys and girls who are interested in getting into the fashion industry? My advice for anyone interested in getting into fashion industry, is to take internship opportunities, study your field, don’t give up and do what you love, love what you do!


Alima Fofana in “Rise of the Strokes” photographed by Bruno Staub and styled by Miguel Arnau for El Pais Semanal magazine Spain March 2014 issue.

Jasmine Tookes featured in “A fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don’t wear her” photographed by Walter Chin for  Glass Magazine’s Spring 2014 issue. Makeup by Sarah Appleby using Chanel Beauty. Hair by Herve for Davines. Fashion Editor: Sarah Cobb

Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek featured in The Guardian’s March 2014 Issue. Styled by Priscilla Kwateng and photographed by Gustavo Papaleo.

Alek Wek was 19 when she was approached by a model scout from a top London agency at a fair in Crystal Palace park. Her mother, she remembers, was horrified, thinking her daughter was about to become a Page 3 girl. She laughs loudly: “I had to point out that I wasn’t really built for that.” Wek, one of the most successful models of the past two decades, has inherited her father’s height and extraordinarily long limbs, her mother’s cheekbones and her “little booty and big smile”, but she’s not exactly glamour-girl material. But the agent persisted, finally convincing Wek’s mother that theirs was a reputable agency, and her daughter’s career began.

She went to New York and had been there barely a week when Ralph Lauren booked her to open and close his catwalk show (the spot normally reserved for the big model of the moment, not a newbie). Calvin Klein, Isaac Mizrahi, Todd Oldham and Anna Suifollowed suit. Wek was booked to star in Tina Turner’s  GoldenEye video, named Model of the Year by i-D magazine and, in 1997 (less than a year after starting out), became the first African model to appear on the cover of Elle magazine.

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Nykhor Paul photographed by Petrovsky & Ramone, for Volkskrant Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2014 issue.

Anais Mali in Vogue France April 2014 issue.