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"Show your playful side once in a while".

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Photographed at Union Square

@tokyozchick 19: Ralph Lauren button-up, Jordan 8’s @hegoodpeeps: NFL Jets cap, Volcom Windbreaker, Lrgeans, Jordan 3’s

Inlgewood, Ca

Submitted by:

@Giannilee & @MarianMereba 

shot by @TheArtofTrill : IG: Trillamericana 

Mom’s old lemon/lime romper, ALDO heels, spiffy blazer

Janae & Willie, 20, Shreveport, LA

IG: @janaecamri

Rebel youth Yeelen Cohen and Kayla Jones. We were kicked out of the Beverly Hills Hotel shortly after this was taken.

Xhris 24, Florida

Pants & Shirt: Hollister

Destiny 23, Florida

Bow Tie Crop Tee x High Waisted Pants

Mars & Edna, 18, Atlanta GA

Instagram: edna1011



Tenisha & Everette, Tampa, FL 

Dress: Rivini

Photography by: Cendino Teme (IG: dino_teme)

Dylan Ayisi 18 Accompanied by Soyini 18

Alexander Nash Bespoke & A custom red abs gown 

instagram: nyriis tumblr: nyriis

instagram: nilamimi

instagram: nyriis tumblr: nyriis

instagram: nilamimi

Models: Charance Higgins & Ashton Powell

Instagram: @stan._

Ashton is wearing a Kenneth Cole suit with Cole Haan Wingtip shoes.

Ashton’s tumblr:

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