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Mars & Edna, 18, Atlanta GA

Instagram: edna1011



Tenisha & Everette, Tampa, FL 

Dress: Rivini

Photography by: Cendino Teme (IG: dino_teme)

Dylan Ayisi 18 Accompanied by Soyini 18

Alexander Nash Bespoke & A custom red abs gown 

instagram: nyriis tumblr: nyriis

instagram: nilamimi

instagram: nyriis tumblr: nyriis

instagram: nilamimi

Models: Charance Higgins & Ashton Powell

Instagram: @stan._

Ashton is wearing a Kenneth Cole suit with Cole Haan Wingtip shoes.

Ashton’s tumblr:

Models @thecleopatralee @ajaninyc

MUA: @murdermasewut

Hair: @my_majestichair

Stylist: @mvlikstylingeuphoria

Quincy Scott & Danisha Wilfred, 20 | 19, New Orleans

melody Jacobs 

Ukraine Kharkov 


defense day

Him- Shirt: Phillip Lim, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Her- Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

Kordaye 19, and Salima 18, Philadelphia, PA

IG: k.kartier

Corey Gary & Tanisha Moore


New York

t- shirts- JUUN.J X ALEXandFELIX

instagram- &

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United Kingdom

Instagram- fashionsplayground and tjwho_

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