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Michelle, Austin, LaQuann - 19, Kent State Ohio,,

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Michelle Carr, 18, Kent State, Ohio 

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Miss Enocha 

Loa Angeles, CA

Shirt american apparel

Skirt Marshalls

Shoes Steve madden

Street style, NYC.

max, 19, nj

instagram: maxugly

by Duvan Carmona

Oladele L. Alaran

in H&M Button Up and Dockers Recode Trousers

( |

max, nj, 19

instagram: maxugly

shot by: duvan carmona

Sonique, LA


Auneetuh, Canada


Lorpu Kermee 17

Staten Island, NY

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Richard Briscoe


Kingston, Jamaica

Instagram: Richyramoz


French Model/Fashionista

Member of 2HYPE4PARIS

Instagram : @danieldikoume

Picture by : MoshyMercy

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