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Kojo , 24, Ohio

IG: nana.adusei

Hat: Vintage, Vest: Forever 21, Flannel: Vintage, Pants: Ebay, Bag: Chanel 

Name: Jerusaliem G.

Age: 22

Location: Denver, CO, USA and Paris, France

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Grace Alex, 20

DENIM; American Apparel; Shoes: Primark

Pola Abdul



shoes LT, t-shirt Medicine, denim vest SH2, cap House, jacket Reserved

Instagram- yaosandie

Sandy, 20, Bralet- Dollspiecies, Skirt- primark, Blazer- H&M

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Laurene of It’s Elle D’

Basic Look: White T’+ boyfriend Jeans

Rain, 23, Atlanta, GA

Shirt: Thrifted

Bag: Thrifted

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Model: Tony Evans, 27, Milwaukee, WI
Wearing: Akoo & Handmade Accessories By
Photographer: Aelicia Mechele

Bridnee, 19, @justbridnee

Kia, 18, @bonita_kiaaaa

Houston, TX

A-Mac & Kenzi, NYC

Photo by: Aquil Tajiddin

Formal Attire for business conference meeting

Julian, 22, Atlanta

his Tumblr, Instagram

Photo by Simply Sir

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Loveis Wise,19,DC


Storm, 21, NYC

IG: NikaMiraEst

Romper: Pink Lucy

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Blazer: H&M, Jeans: thrifted, Hat: ROST (thrifted)

Lauren, 19, Atlanta



Bukky, 22, Canada

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