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Lupita Nyong’o in “The Perfect Canvas” for Essence Magazine March 2014 issue.

Lupita On Cutting Her Hair: I didn’t always wear my hair short. In my adolescence I always had long hair and it was relaxed. After the age of 19 I just got really feed up with going to the salon and it taking so much effort to look presentable before you leave the house. So one day I decided to cut it off and my mother was unamused. But she came around.

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Inspiring Beauty - 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair

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Shelby Coleman in “The beauty story" photographed by Jason Heatherington for Marie Claire Magazine August 2013 issue. Styled by Lisa Oxenham, Hair: Ali Pirzadeh, Make-up: Sam Addington.

Rania Benchegra the winner of Morocco Elite Model Look 2011 photographed by Laurence Laborie for L’officiel Morocco August 2013

The Top ten Nude Lippies for Lovelies of Afro Descent


I decided to try Nude’s that are a variation for everyone’s lips. From pinker, to brown ones. And also lovelies who are on the darker , lighter, or inbetween. Neutral ones for people’s undertones. I hope this helps immensely. Enjoy Lovelies


1. Goddess NYX Round lipsticks
Retails around $2.50- 6.00

2.  Mac Fresh Brew
Retails at $14.99 


3. Frappuccino NYX round lipstick
Retails between $2.50-6.00 


4. NARS Lip Lacque- Butterfield 8
Retails at $24.00 


5. NYX Soft matte lipcream Abu Dhabi
Retails between $3.00-6.00


6. Rosy Nude Revlon Colorburst Lipstick
Retails between $7.49-10.49 


7.  Soft Nude Revlon  colorburst Lipstick
Retails between 7.49-10.49 


8. Mac Coconutty
Retails at 14.99 


9. Black Opal So Natural
Retails between $6.00-7.49 


10. Cover girl Queen Collection Nude Attitude
Retails between $6.49-8.49 


Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine, i’ve found them online through google. If you do not want your picture used let me know.


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the memory

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By: The Style Shot | @The Style Shot

As the beauty trends come and go, we always seem to neglect the most important part to achieve all these stylish trends. The skin. As the largest organ, taking care or finding the right products can be difficult or expensive. But not to fear, here’s the top five best natural clear skin remedies. Did I mention these remedies can be achieved at home and are inexpensive?

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BEAUTY MARKED| The Cat Eye 101


By The Style Shot

From the pyramids of Egypt to the face of Beyonce, the cat eye has been a makeup trend for centuries. With its eclectic possibilities to transform, no wonder it has been a favorite on the runaways, the streets, and here on Beauty Marked. Achieving the perfect cat eye is not a walk in the park. To capture this look it takes practice and a whole lot of patience. 

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Black pin-up Angelique Noire 

via 10 awesome beautiful black pin ups

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BEAUTY MARKED| Foundation Troubles?


By: The Style Shot


Ever found yourself upset looking in the mirror, all because you realized the foundation you bought was not for your skin tone, skin shade or your skin combination? Nothing to be ashamed of, we all have. Foundation is mostly used to cover-up blemishes, but what people do not know about foundation is the versatility of this product. Foundation can be used to even out the skin, protect the skin from bacteria, as well as helping to brings out other facial features. The common problem with foundation is the application so let’s dive right into it.

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Beauty Marked| F/W’12 Trend Report


By:  The Style Shot

The sun is setting sooner, the breeze is getting cooler, and the butterflies are migrating down south.  It is that time of year again. Fall/Winter is slowly creeping upon us  Ann’s with each new season comes new trends.  Beauty Marked has all of the trends that are a must wear, and how to wear them!  There are twenty+ fall trends going up and down the runways, but here at Black Fashion, we have narrowed it down to the five best trends. Lets see.

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Beauty Marked| Introduction


By: The Style Shot

Hello all, and welcome to this wonderful segment I call Beauty Marked! My name is Keithlane and I will be your writer, guru, or super women for all your makeup needs. Beauty Marked will bring you all the heathy beauty and make-up needs and topics you will ever dream of. Everything from make-up tutorials to putting together a look for brunch, as well as interviewing some of your favorite beauty guru’s. Beauty Marked will be updated every Friday around 4pm but if you have any further questions you can always reach me on my personal blog The Style Shot.

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