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Name: Kamala
Age: 25
Location: Currently, Texas.  In the process of moving to Belgium.
Occupation: Intern Architect / DIY Blogger at T E X T U R E    [ ]

Outfit Inspired by: The Dutch architectural aesthetic found in their design process and construction.  I am also inspired by minimalism, clean lines, and structural materials.
Wearing:  Blazer: Thrifted Vintage [ DIY zipper detail ]    Skirt: Thrifted [ DIY zipper detail ] Top: Black Halter

Describe your personal style?
You can do so much when you have a vision for yourself, when you discover what it is that really works for you it can only grow, morph and get better over time.  I am attracted to strong proportions, monochromatic looks, minimalism, and  the ever present air of masculinity.  The idea that certain things belong to men and others to women in fashion is silly, I like to blur the line inherent in gender roles.  Above all I have learned that If you have confidence in yourself and carry yourself in that respect people see that, that is the number one approach to my personal style. 

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The Many Styles of Msbambaataa

Name: Nnenna Bambaataa 
Age: 19
Location: NYC 
Occupation: Student

Outfits’ Descriptions: I actually didn’t wear these outfits anywhere, but to take pictures- I have no life outside of school. I love to wear prints, colorblock, and on my fierce days I throw on all black everything. Usually people get their inspiration from magazines and blogs, but I get mine from the random, beautiful people I see walking among the stylish streets of New York.

  1. Describe your personal style? If I could choose one word to describe my style I’d pick versatile. I wear whatever I feel like wearing. I sometimes go according to themes. One day I could look like a rebel, next day retro, another day urban, and the day after that classy. It all depends on my mood and sometimes where I’m going. I just like to be free, and do me.
  2. According to you, the most fashionable place in the world is… NYC
  3. Favorite designers? Tracy Reese, Alexander McQueen, Balmain
  4. Favorite/Least Favorite current Fashion Trend?
    Maxi skirts- I hate showing my legs, so these are perfect for me! 
    Hmm…I don’t dislike any trends.
  5. THIS or THAT
  6. Any other project you’d like us to keep an eye out for? 
    An official blog as well as a youtube channel for makeup, hair, and fashion
  7. Name 5 of your favorite places to shop offline.
    Beacon’s Closet,
    Buffalo Exchange,
    No Relations,
  8. Online
    UrbanOutfitters (during a sale!),
  9. When you hear the term “BlackFashion” What comes to mind? 
    I think of people (not just black) having the ability to feel free to express themselves.
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Recently I got the chance to interview Jerrica a Dominican fashion blogger of who shared with us her Five Fashion must haves along with being Latin in the blogging industry. Check it out!

  1. What’s your Fashion Philosophy?
    That’s Simple- if you feel good in it wear it!
  2. How would you define your personal style?
    At the moment I would define it as minimalism, classic, menswear inspired thing with a touch of seduction. *Sorry for the mouthful*
  3. What it’s like to be a Dominican (Latina) fashion blogger?
    Pros: I like being able to communicate a second language and learning different phrases/slang words from other Spanish speaking countries. The biggest con is being a tad lonely. I don’t have too many Latin followers nor do I have many favorites but I’m working on changing that.
  4. Do you care more about Fashion or Style?
    To me you can’t have one without the other. Style describes the specifics of an individual’s taste- categorizes them you can say into branches of eccentric, retro, minimalism, etc.- while fashion is the tree that houses each branch of style.
  5. How has your culture inspired you to dress the way you dress?
    My culture is very sensual and I find I’m naturally drawn to dress the part. I love showing a good amount of skin and curves. I’m inspired by the strength and mysterious nature from the women of my culture.  
  6. Who or what inspired you to create a fashion blog?
    I was looking for fashionable interview clothes on Google and came across I quickly noticed everyone had this platform called “a blog” to share their love of fashion with street styles, inspiration images, etc.- after that I was hooked. No one around me craved fashion the way I did and having a blog connected me to others that shared my obsession. The first blog I ever visited happened to be a Latina blogger, Delmy of FashionBananas.
    Links: &
  7. What does Black Fashion mean to you?
    Black Fashion is exciting, colorful, and daring. There’s a sense of community no matter how different the styles are and I find that incredibly unique within a community.
  8. Your five fashion must-haves?
  1. Perfect fitting bottoms that won’t flatten my bottom (preferably in black).
  2. Loose fitting sheer shirt (preferably in white).
  3. Silver-metal accessories.
  4. Sleek slightly over sized tote bag
  5. A pair of killer shoes (no preference).

Check out Jerrica’s blog Fashion Nostalgia and tell her we sent you!

The many fall styles of Chanel of

I would say that my favorite designer is Rachel Roy. She has an eclectic sense of style and I love how she always incorporates menswear into her designs. June Ambrose is also among the list of style icons I look to for inspiration. She has an uncanny ability to mix traditional, more classic pieces with edgier, funkier pieces creating what I like to call “Juniverse Syle.”

My favorite item in my wardrobe would be either one of my two capes, particularly my J.Crew. Thrown over jeans, shorts, and even riding pants, and they immediately take your outfit from basic to classic and tailored.

Do you care more for fashion or style? I would say that I am in the middle. I would definitely say that style is more important than fashion becasue essentially, style is how YOU interpret fashion. Style is everlasting whereas fashion fades in-and-out. Nevertheless, I think it is very important to stay on top of fashion and its many trends, but always being mindful of your particular taste.

Favorite current fashion trend?/least favorite? (right now) would be the return of capes and ponchos, as well as all of the menswear inspired pieces. Everything plaid, wide-leg pants to oversized flared denim jeans, I absolutely love the return of 70’s inspired pieces.

Something in my closet that I couldnt live without would actually be my David Yurman bracelets. I was so excited to have finally gotten my DY collection statred and would definitely say that my bracelets are the icing on the cake to any great outfit.


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The Fall Blues by Opal Stewart of

What are you wearing: H&M top, American Apparel riding pants, steve madden heels, bcbg bag.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe right now? My favorite item in my wardrobe right now is my Grandpa sweater that I purchased from Urban Outfitters. The weather is changing so I plan on living in it throughout the Fall and Winter months. It is so warm and cozy. I like to pair it with an over sized printed scarf and my Levis 501 jeans. Its comfortable but still chic in my opinion.

Your definition of fashion and or style? Fashion is the many popular trends in which we are presented and Style is the way in which we personalize those trends.

Do you care more for fashion or style? I care more about Style than I do Fashion. I Love seeing the different ways in which individuals customize the same pieces and make a look that is their own. I believe that self expression is an important factor when it comes to Style and I like that we can tell stories through the way we dress.

Favorite current fashion trend?/least favorite? Currently I am really in love with silk pants, pencil skirts and of course oversized blazers. I currently found a beautiful pair of silk pants from Topshop that is on my list of future purchases and a gorgeous full length body-con skirt by Haider Ackermann that I can only dream about right now. I would have to say that my least favorite trend has to be anything with the brand name plastered all over it. I like subtlety and I believe that having a brand name written all over any item is very ostentatious.

Who or what inspired you to create a fashion blog? I have always been very much into fashion. When I was younger I of course could not really dress the way I wanted because I cared about what people would say. “what is she wearing?” “where does she think she’s going dressed like that?” As I grew into myself and became more comfortable in my skin, as cliche as that sounds, I cared less about what other people thought of me dressing up to go absolutely “nowhere” and more about me having ONE life to live and living it dressed the way I wanted. A huge inspiration for me was also other fashion bloggers who I connected with. I finally realized that there were other individuals out there that were not “under-dressing” for society but “over-dressing” for themselves. So I created my fashion blog to inspire others to tell their stories through their individual styles.

What does Black Fashion mean to you? Black fashion, in my opinion, represents the ability for me to set my own standards and not be defined by preconceived notions of what I should be. It means expressing oneself freely without being confined to fit a certain mold. .

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The Essentials by Florie Mwanza of
"…because every wardrobe needs a basic white tee, a black clutch, fierce nails, a cute pair of heels and simple statement jewelry."

What are you wearing? H&M top, Levi’s cut offs, New Look heels, River Island clutch, misc jewelry

Something in your closet that you couldn’t live without? I’m a very lazy creature of habit so the items I absolutely refuse to live without are my grey marl men’s t-shirts (I own a load)! There’s just something about a crisp grey t-shirt that makes me feel fresh and clean.

Favorite current fashion trend? I find hard, shiny things really fascinating so I’m in LOVE with all the bold, statement jewellery I’m seeing at the moment, I like the fact that you can just put on a few rings, a cuff, a chocker and be done with

Fashion or Style? Definitely style over fashion for me. There’s such a quick turn-around when it comes to trends right now and unless you have Daddy Warbucks funding your wardrobe, it’s really important to nurture your personal style so that you can dip into the trends but not bankrupt yourself or end up looking like a clone in the process.

What does BlackFashion mean to you? I find the phrase ‘black fashion’ very subjective so I’ll just say that to me fashion means fun, they way you choose to dress should be a representation of who you are and not what you’ve been told you should be. 

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California Coastin by Amara Nichole of

Explain what you’re wearing.
I’m showing what I would wear for a casual day at the beach. The sandals from urban outfitters and skirt from forever 21 definitly tie into the summer season but I feel the shirt is dressy enough to give the outfit a more polished piece which can also be purchased at forever 21.

What does style means to you?
Style to me is a big reflection of yourself. Its the quickest way to express yourself to people at first glance. Its a way to let people know what your into. Style to me is also a way to be endlessly creative. You can do so much with style, whether its changing your accessories or wearing a shirt differently. You can change things to the way you like it and the best part is that everybody has their own unique style!

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?
Although i do follow some trends i feel i just dress to what appeals to my eye. I would say if anything inspires me it would be other fashion bloggers. Seeing the way others put outfits together can give you ideas that you can bounce off and mix with your own personal style.

What inspired you to start blogging?
Basically what inspired me to blog was my love for streetwear brands. When I was younger I loved brands like Hellz Bellz, Dimepiece, and Married to the mob. I would visit their sites and it would give me so much inspiration and ultimately gave me the idea of having a place where I could show my own style and ideals. Although I still do enjoy street wear brands, I think my style has evolved to different varieties of fashion like sophisticated and edgy for example.

What inspired the blog name?
As far as the name “Living Life Wasted” it was a name that both me and my cousin came up with. In the future we’d like to have our own fashion line with “Wasted” incorporated in the title. One misconception that I get alot is that the wasted part in the title means to get drunk which is untrue. Living your life wasted basically means to live your life free and full of fun but overall it’s about being true to yourself and being free spirited.

What does Black Fashion and or black people in fashion mean to you?
Black fashion to me is an accomplishment. Considering the fact that at one time black people weren’t highly recognized in the fashion community, it shows a great growth and now some of the best dressed are black people. Im proud that some may include me in the black fashionista category.


Check out her blog and tell her we sent you!

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Dominique of Badgirlswearchanel has one of the coolest blogs on tumblr. She’s a 5’1” pierced tatted Badgirl with a lot of good advice. In the photos above her style ooze classical and elegance. Thankfully that’s not all her style is. She’s a label lover, but she doesn’t let it define her style. For this and may other reasons we Dominique to be our Fashionista of the week.

you should take this time to follow her at
And check out lookbook

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