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Azealia Banks covers Galore Magazine #62 photographed by Rony Alwin

GM: You’re known for your style and have collaborated with some pretty legit names in fashion, Alexander Wang for one, how has your fashion evolved with your career?

AB: I made all that stuff up, I actually don’t care about fashion at all. LOL.

Top 4 Female Rappers of all time?

1. Azealia Banks
2. Kanye West
3. Jim Jones
4. T.I.

If you’re Ariel of the lil’ mermaid who is the Ursula aka the sea witch of the rap game?

Gaga. She gets on my nerves and wants to steal my voice for sure. She’s too rich to be that lame.

What 5 things do you look for in a guy? 

Smart, Tall, Clean, Responsible, Big dick.

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Azealia Banks worth $3Million before debut album

With her suggestive provocative lyrics and spitfire delivery Azealia Banks has made a name for herself and is highly regarded by critics as one of the best female rappers out. She is worth an estimated $3 million before her debut album drops this fall. Her song 212 was accompanied by a low budget video filmed by a friend in her hometown of Harlem New York. The video became an instant sensation on youtube getting over 50 million views to date. She garnered high profile fans from Kanye West to legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld. GQ magazine did an article on the up and coming rapper in April 2012 predicting her career would sky rocket and it definitely has. In 2012 she signed a record deal with Universal Music. The rapper was crowned Number One in NME’s Cool List last year. She is scheduled to drop her debut album this year entitled Broke With Expensive Taste featuring production from Pharrell and Lazy Jay who produced 212. She has dropped several singles including Yung Rapunxel and ATM Jam which she performed at the 2013 Glastonbury Festival in England. She also received a BET Award nomination this year. Her music has been received well by critics and fans but her spitfire lyrics are not as controversial as her celebrity feuds. (x)

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How do you not love this woman?

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HQ Scan of Azealia Banks in Harper’s Bazaar Australia

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Azealia Banks: Hair Porn

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Hooded jacket by ALEXANDER WANG
Earrings AZEALIA BANKS’s own

Leather waistcoat by HAIDER ACKERMANN
American football jersey from ROKIT
Nylon shorts from AMERICAN APPAREL
Studded bangle by FRANCESCO DECIO
Bracelet by CARTIER
’s own

She’s really funny, blunt and flips her hair a lot – like the classic ‘bitch from a teen movie’ hair flip.”

-Karley Sciortino on Azealia Banks

#7 Azealia Banks for SPIN Magazine Sept/Oct 2012 by Jason Nocito

#5 Azealia Banks for SPIN Magazine Sept/Oct 2012 by  Jason Nocito

#3 Azealia Banks for SPIN Magazine Sept/Oct 2012  Jason Nocito

Azealia Banks for SPIN Magazine Sept/Oct 2012  Jason Nocito

#4 Azealia Banks for SPIN Magazine Sept/Oct 2012  Jason Nocito

#2 Azealia Banks for SPIN Magazine Sept/Oct 2012  Jason Nocito

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