A collection of images rarely seen in the media. A platform for people of color to showcase their fantastic, irreverent, classic and bold fashion éclat.

Anonymous Do you like ANY WHITE PEOPLE?

I actually do like a lot of white people, but this is not the place for them. They’re already visible as fuck in the world and on tumblr. 

formerlyshortobservations-deact I don't think anon meant any disrespect. Some bloggers that cater to PoC consider themselves safe spaces for us, and don't want white people getting involved. White people who try to respect that won't follow to try to keep the blog a, well, safe space. So pretty much I think anon was asking if this blog is a safe space to Black people and should they respect that by not following, or do you not mind if they follow and reblog the pictures.

Ohh. I really don’t mind white people following liking and or reblogging from this blog. I just hate it when some white people try to act as though they’re Black, submitting their photos claiming they’re mixed with every ethnicity in the book, yet tags all their photos #whitegirlswithdreads. Wearing bindi’s and referencing Jamaican culture to her locs, basically out here appropriating the shit out of the culture for a note or two.

Anonymous Hi I'm white and was wondering if this is considered a safe space blog. if so, I won't follow. Thanks in advance.

Really tho? Just don’t follow. Bye

Anonymous Ok, i dated this guy for almost one year and we were mad in love, he more! Over a month ago, a friend of mine told he he was flirting with her sayin "she(me) is not my real girlfriend" and other bs! Since I heard that, we haven't been talking to each other for 3-4 weeks! Yesterday he texts me sayin' "how you treating yourself? xx" THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN? Confused ... + I kinda want to play this game, BETTER than him! What should I do? Any advice?

Ask yorself, WWBD? (What Would Beyoncé Do)

Anonymous isn't that jodie smith appropriative because she's wearing a headdress? is she native american?

I’m not sure but I don’t think she is. 
It’s an LV headdress which in itself makes it a bit problematic.


deleteheads okay man i don't disagree with you because cultral appropriation is fucking stupid but really you should provide explanation to these simpletons other than "no you're wrong stop it" so they might actually understand

These people don’t want any explanation. They see the name and jump to their own conclusions without checking out the blog or the photos first.

Also, in the description of the blog since 2011:

Black Fashion is visually appealing aesthetics that showcase and give depth into the lifestyle and culture of black people, in all their shades. - thecreativeroutine

Let me expand on that:

BLACKFASHION, a collection of images rarely seen in the media.  Ever changing, growing, pulsing with the energy of people who come alive on it’s pages. A platform for people of color to showcase their fantastic, irreverent, classic and bold fashion eclat.

From breathtaking to simply beautiful, from Street-wear to catwalk trends. On any given day, you are liable to discover something new, something fresh, something to make you smile, wonder, create or just dare to be different. Blackfashion reflects style from our unique perspective while simultaneously inventing it for the rest of the world.

- ME

Anonymous I don't understand. What is black fashion? How to look like Huggy Bear? I am white but I wear OG Nike Air Jordans from 85 and a Public Enemy t shirt. Is this black fashion? It seems to me that you are pushing out dated stereotypes and encouraging people to be more black.

encouraging people to be more black.
There’s nothing more black than being black.

Also, thanks for the Huggy Bear reference because dude was fly af.

guantanamo-bay so you're implying that only black people can wear these clothes? isn't that a bit racist?

 just stop.

blowlikebarbie Would it be racist to have a page called "white fashion"? Because heaven forbid other races try to wear the same clothes!!!

Oh girl, you’re so off it’s sad.

Anonymous Omggg the real azealia banks follows y'all

Is that you Azealia?

Anonymous I want to submit a picture but i'm not the skinniest person.. is that okay...

gurl what? As long as you are comfortable submit that photo, feel the love

Anonymous 2013 selfies

I was more of a foodie in 2k13 but uhh

growupmoveon I cannot follow someone who says "I'm black, I can't be racist." I watched the video and that it utter bull shit. I mean, woah..

Grow up move on.

robinsongs When it comes to poc discriminating against other poc, it is considered prejudice because we still don't benefit form systemic racism. The "model minority" thing was created to pit poc against poc. A poc discriminating against a white person is considered prejudice. These types of incidents are interpersonal and not systemic. It always ends in hurt feelings and not a long history of racism.

This is all that needs to be said on the subject. 

Anonymous "I'm black I can't be racist"? Elaborate please.

Michael Eric Dyson Shares Why “Black People Can’t Be Racist”


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