A collection of images rarely seen in the media. A platform for people of color to showcase their fantastic, irreverent, classic and bold fashion éclat.

Dress: AQ/AQ, Belt: ASOS, Shoes: Zara, Clutch: Aldo 

Phalia, 16, MI

jahmar francis, 23, bronx, NY
insta: Marley_mar_

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Twitter @BlackFashionbyj

Breanna Carthern, 21, New York

Submitted by: @Brejoli 

Tumblr- I

Photographed by: Raphael Conner

Shirt: Village Thrift Store

Kiera, 19, VA

Instagram: kieraplease

Tia, 19, New Orleans

Submitted by:

Photographer: Gil Starks

Dress: Kesh x American Apparel, Shoes: Air Force 1 mid, Cap: 40oz nyc 

Grace Tanda, 19 Stockholm

Photographed by: Ibrahim Alsheik

Jayvonna | 2013 West Indian Day Parade

Shirt: Rumors Thrift Store, Shoes: Village Thrift Store

Kiera, 19, VA

instagram: kieraplease

Swag Queens
Iesha; Rin; Terrica, Houston, Tx 

@blackfashionbyj | Facebook 

26, Seoul, Korea
Submitted/Photographed by:

@blackfashionbyj | Facebook 

Krystal, 19, Wynwood - Miami, FL
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Photographed by Damion Reid of Beauty of the Black Woman 

Tanisha (Girl Code)

Ph: Lawrence Cortez
Model: Claudia Stone

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