A collection of images rarely seen in the media. A platform for people of color to showcase their fantastic, irreverent, classic and bold fashion éclat.

Afro-Fusion Dancer Jerijah West, NYC

Photograpgher : Derrick Sutton / @ohyeathebreeze

Model : Ashley Sims / @cltrxvltr

Marvin, 24, NJ

Submitted by: oVirtuoso

Photographed by: Deral T Ingram Jr.

Tay, 20, NYC

Photo by: Leland

Zamo Nana Nsele From Mandeni KZN South Africa.

Wearing Zara , Mango and Extreem Glamour Clothing.

Singer/Songwriter Megan Nicolle, 24(self portrait)

Philadelphia, PA

Top: Asos

Jeans: Zumies

Instagram: megan_nicolle

YouTube: lovemegannicolle

.^₭^. The GTW, 24, Chigeria .^₭^.

Elizabeth Ajomale captured by Jean-Christophe

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