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Julius Chatton; 24; Houston, TX

Submitted by:

Shara / 23 / Birmingham England

Halter neck - H&M / Skirt - ‘Shara’ / Shoes - Dorothy Perkins / Ring - @LBDGems

Julius Chatton; 24; Houston, TX

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Brandy Melville Top, Zara Pant, Zara Sandal, MCM Bag, Prada Sandals

Nichole, Washington, DC


Keys. 22. Florida

Model Info: IG - @Finnkeys, Twitter - @Finnkeys, Tumblr -

Photo By - Danzel ‘Doc’ Hammonds. IG - @DoctorDoc727 Twitter - @DoctorDoc727

sweet tooth 21, California

shirt made by me …IG : a_precious_gem


Jennille from the Little Jamaica Neighbourhood in Toronto.

From the EyeMuse Project.

Amelia, 18, Maryland

Minzly, 20, Philly

Photo by: Aquil Tajiddin

Rocking the Jana Two-Piece from

Kaye Washington,29,Houston,tx

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Designer from Atlanta, GA.

IG: imtarynandre

Doc. 23. Florida.

IG - @DoctorDoc727

Twitter - @DoctorDoc727

Loose tank top and dark blue jeans

Samara 19, NYC

Lou, 18, Maryland

Ig: Brianalouise

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