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Explain what you’re wearing.
I’m showing what I would wear for a casual day at the beach. The sandals from urban outfitters and skirt from forever 21 definitly tie into the summer season but I feel the shirt is dressy enough to give the outfit a more polished piece which can also be purchased at forever 21.

What does style means to you?
Style to me is a big reflection of yourself. Its the quickest way to express yourself to people at first glance. Its a way to let people know what your into. Style to me is also a way to be endlessly creative. You can do so much with style, whether its changing your accessories or wearing a shirt differently. You can change things to the way you like it and the best part is that everybody has their own unique style!

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?
Although i do follow some trends i feel i just dress to what appeals to my eye. I would say if anything inspires me it would be other fashion bloggers. Seeing the way others put outfits together can give you ideas that you can bounce off and mix with your own personal style.

What inspired you to start blogging?
Basically what inspired me to blog was my love for streetwear brands. When I was younger I loved brands like Hellz Bellz, Dimepiece, and Married to the mob. I would visit their sites and it would give me so much inspiration and ultimately gave me the idea of having a place where I could show my own style and ideals. Although I still do enjoy street wear brands, I think my style has evolved to different varieties of fashion like sophisticated and edgy for example.

What inspired the blog name?
As far as the name “Living Life Wasted” it was a name that both me and my cousin came up with. In the future we’d like to have our own fashion line with “Wasted” incorporated in the title. One misconception that I get alot is that the wasted part in the title means to get drunk which is untrue. Living your life wasted basically means to live your life free and full of fun but overall it’s about being true to yourself and being free spirited.

What does Black Fashion and or black people in fashion mean to you?
Black fashion to me is an accomplishment. Considering the fact that at one time black people weren’t highly recognized in the fashion community, it shows a great growth and now some of the best dressed are black people. Im proud that some may include me in the black fashionista category.


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