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I’m going to the beach with my boyfriend and his friends this weekend but I have a problem. STRETCH MARKS! My mother says I should go buy some celtrixa but I’ve grown to like my marks. I know that not everyone can accept them the way I do and I don’t want to flaunt them and embarrass my boyfriend, I can always just get sick and not go, what do you think?

I was a fat chubby little baby so I have a couple of zebra striped on my ass as well. You can’t really see mines unless I tell you about them but I used to use water Proof make-up which is hell to apply to your ass so I’ve started to wear sheer beach dresses over my bathing suit but that’s just me.

What do you guys think about Zebra Stripes on the beach, cover it up or flaunt it?

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  2. stillvee answered: AHHH FLAUNT IT …… IF U ARE COMFORTABLE AND DONT ACT SHY ABOUT IT,ull be good to go :)
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    i love that bag!
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  5. sweetststhrngrl answered: Personally I DO NOT like my stretch marks and I wear bathing suit shorts at the beach. Theyre really cute :)
  6. shatterrealm answered: If it doesn’t actually bother YOU that you have stretch marks, I don’t see why you should care! MAYBE if it’s that important to your man…
  7. roanntafari answered: i have hyperpigmented skin.. so i’m kinda spotted all over.. and i live on an island. i stopped caring. he can only be embarassed if you are
  8. misformicha answered: flaunt it! I was a he beach 2 weeks ago. i had on a 2 piece. the top was bandeu. you BETTER WORK them stripes out girl :)
  9. hairtrending answered: If I was your BF, I’d be praising your beauty to the sky. BFD about stretch marks. If he doesn’t praise you kick his butt to the curb, ASAP
  10. blackandmuddy answered: FLAUNT IT!!! there is no shame in that, I have ‘zebra stripes’ there too lol my boyfriend loves it haha
  11. jeriorlizorart answered: flaunt it, I mean, I know really skinny people who have them. Sometimes, you can’t help it.
  12. kropotkinisnotacrackpot answered: I have stretch marks too and never saw them as a big deal. I doubt anyone would care if they saw them, and if they do, fuck them!
  13. kyamismami answered: You definitely won’t be the only one on the beach with stretch marks. If you’re uncomfortable cover them, if not F*CK IT! Be confident.
  14. skippcoon answered: youre an adult. as a black man i dont look at them and say yuck. i like em.
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  16. thesweeterthingsinlyfe answered: If you’re comfortable with the flaunt them….but if they’re going to make you uncomfortable just get a cute swim suit cover-up and have fun!
  17. itsjanna answered: I’m glad there are girls who flaunt it, but I’m not that strong. I only buy bikinis with boy short bottoms.
  18. luxuriouslikeegyptiancotton answered: Don’t hide them. I’ve got em too! Anyone whose disgusted by stretch marks needs to get a grip because the human body is beautiful <3
  19. accordingtokarynrose answered: balls to the walls ladies! so many women have stretch marks and dudes are accepting so you need to accept them.
  20. a-tribe-called-ratchet said: Don’t cover them! If they don’t bother you, they shouldn’t bother anyone else! I have some too and I think they’re kind of cute. :)
  21. thetalentedmsvik answered: Due to a swift and sudden puberty and weight fluctuations, I have my share. 20 y/o me was ashamed. 26 y/o me wears what she wants regardless!
  22. thisistierranicole answered: I’ve been wondering about this…I have the same problem. Ehhh.
  23. shonettereed answered: They’re never leaving…ever & it’s hot, So flaunt it if your comfortable. If not, wear a pair of cute little board shorts or a sheer dress..
  24. jerriizmz answered: Be comfortable in your skin.
  25. wildsidee answered: flaunt it!
  26. denimandsilk answered: Your boyfriend won’t be embarassed by your stretch marks. only you will be. What your boyfriend will NOT like is your insecurity
  27. buttercup18 answered: I say flaunt it …ya boyfriend already knows how you look ,so he wants to come out with him ! so i say flaunt it !!
  28. bothhappy-andsad answered: If you like them and you are happy flaunt em! You shouldn’t change bcause you are afraid of what people think.
  29. supremecinemaker answered: as long as you are comfortable with it, then everyone else will be
  30. cherryblossomzoe answered: Guys dont care about stretch marks. They know we have them! Heck even some guys have’em. You wont be the only girl on the beach flauntin them
  31. kliffthegirl answered: i really don’t think it’s a big deal. so many people have them. i say rock your stretch marks! what does your bf think?
  32. aleaosha answered: if you’re comfortable in your own skin then flaunt it. but if you’re not and you still have work to do, get a sheer cover up until you are! :
  33. borichas answered: cover to an extent. A sheer dress sounds like the perfect idea :D
  34. justwannaeat answered: if you love your body, then love your body and screw what anybody else thinks.
  35. iamatitle answered: i scrub my thighs with coffee! i believe Halle Berry does also
  36. xraevision said: I flaunt mine!
  37. imyourdopequeen answered: if you’re comfortable with your marks, then flaunt them, if you arent embarressed then why should anyone else be?
  38. eclecticalexandria answered: exactlly
  39. authenticdreadhead answered: Cover it up…………not a good look

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