The Underground || Listen to A Yellow Man

by Sabla` of GoldenSense


I’m taking it overseas to the UK where a London based soulful hip hop triad resides called A Yellow Man. A Yellow Man consist of two rapper siblings Samuel and Emmanuel and friend singer Demae. They describe their music as soulful, electro, experimental hip hop and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been listening to A Yellow Man since 2011 and at the moment they only have two tracks out, “My Lyrics Are Alive" and "3000 miles to youth,” I’m sure they have some great music that’s being perfected for 2013. What attracts me to their music is their dynamic flow and the female member Demae, whose voice is so effortlessly beautiful. She’s definitely what adds the soul to this group. I haven’t seen a group like such musically but visually for me, they are so reminiscent of 90’s hip hop trio Digable Planets who also had a female member but she was a rapper. A Yellow Man’s music is closely infused with their spiritual beliefs, them all being christian, it also relays back to the choice to name their collective A Yellow Man. Watch the full video below to find out more or skip to 3:38 to hear their music.

"3000 Miles of Youth"

"My Lyrics Are Alive" 

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