Marsha Hunt (singer, model and novelist)

Marsha Hunt is best known as the poster child for the musical Hair as well as the mother of Mick Jagger’s first child Karis. Allegedly she was the inspiration behind the Rolling Stones hit “Brown Sugar” which she acknowledged in her 1985 auto biography “Real life.”

When Hunt came to live in Europe she found that people there called her an American, not an African-American or Black. She herself describes her skin color as “oak with a hint of maple”, and notes that “of the various races I know I comprise—African, American Indian, German Jew and Irish—only the African was acknowledged.” Hunt invented her own word to describe herself, based on the French word melange (mixture) and the word melanin: Melangian.

In 1991 Hunt said that there is a pain inflicted by the black community on itself, which it fears to communicate openly. She also says that living overseas for most of her life has made her a foreigner in the USA. She said, “I’m scared to walk through Harlem… more scared than you, because if I walked through Harlem with the weird shoes and the weird accent, I’d get my butt kicked faster than you. In a way, I’m the betrayer.”

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