Ok Naturalistas,

I didn’t want to rant about this topic, but it’s been heavy on my mind since seeing these “curly” hair baby photos popping up in the realm of social media.

There is no doubt that these babies  are BEAUTIFUL and I am in no way coming at these babies or their parents in a negative way, but natural (read: curly) hair is becoming a trend—but I’m not seeing anyone with kinky, coily,  4C( for those into labeling hair) textures accepting their hair as is.

Afroed or hair with an undefined curl pattern is still seen as being unkept, nappy. So many times I was told to “brush” my hair, especially when I was younger. I didn’t realize that people just couldn’t relate nor understand my hair. The same happened to my little cousin Nila. Oh, how I wish I knew what I do now back when she was three years old sitting between my legs, comb in one hand, confusion in the other (she’s now 12 with beautiful locks).

Pieces of my hair are going to stick out when I pull it into an afro puff. Get over it. That does not signify that it is unkept, just what my hair feels like doing at the moment… DAMN!

All I’m saying is, the root of the natural movement was to accept your hair as is, in its’ natural state and within that, celebrating the versatility of our natural textures. Don’t get lost in trying to achieve a texture of hair you do not have :-)

BTW, shout outs to people who have been natural for the majority of their lives, enduring all the negative comments or people wanting to “do” your hair, and those transitioning now who still don’t see their own textures in the media.


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    Ok, I agreed with everything else you wrote. I run a natural hair group and I wasn’t sure because a lot of people don’t...
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    This is my little cousin Nila, who is now 12 yrs old. Her hair is what you call “4C” (I really don’t like labeling hair)...
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