Meet your new role models!  for Vibe Magazine June / July 2012.


So this was that “secret photo-shoot”?

1. Why did they make Kandi so light? I didn’t even recognize her.
2. Evelyn where’s your shirt?
3. Tamar - you’re okay in my book, I just don’t know about role model.
4. Chrissy …
5. Jay-Z’s other Bad chick? You better not be talking about Princess Blue like that, because I can’t read another article about Rita Ora.

I might actually go out and buy this article, just to see if they’re playing a trick on us.

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  4. bestofayensua answered: LMAOOO! AILEEEN I CANT DEAL.
  5. cami325 answered: def not role models, only famous b/c of their reality shows, and thier lives are so unrealistic i dont relate to them at all
  6. bprattdesignharlem answered: FAIL!
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    is this a joke? lol
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  10. colormyvintage answered: The Title Is DEFINITELY A Joke. Neither One Of These Women Present Themselves As Role Models. You Would Know By Watching Their Shows.
  11. supreme-shieldmaiden answered: NO! They are still sexaulised and whittled down to breast and bums. Does anyone else notice that the middle women’s legs are white?
  12. oneandonlyonyi answered: This does not make any sense like really are they serious?
  13. westmorelandgoddess answered: JUST RATCHETT
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  15. katchin05 answered: I know who NONE of these people are, and I’m okay w that
  16. kia-hime answered: foolishness.
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    Role models???? Not real
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  22. somenathan answered: Big titties.
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  24. lifesayslove answered: If these ladies are the new role models for young African-American girls…mayday mayday we are going to have a crisis on our hands
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    Role models…for becoming a stripper?
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  28. jsmngbrll answered: i dont have an answer…all i can come up with is another question: WHAT THE ENTIRE HELL IS THIS?!
  29. elite-hair answered: I guess role models is a term used loosely nowadays huh?
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  34. apyramidhead answered: I Love Chrissy. Evelyn Is Just Too Dramaful. IDK & IDC About Tamar. And I Like Kandi HAHA
  35. impeccableimperfection answered: Hair & Makeup is all wrong. The picture was shot from a weird angle. They look way better than what is shown here.

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