Jordan Cruger, an African-American student at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, created a Facebook page to help garnering support from the black community for republican GOP candidate Mitt Romney. Cruger launched “African Americans for Mitt Romney" on Jan. 21, which to date has 88 ‘likes.’

Cruger launched the page on Jan. 21 with a video of Romney recalling his father’s relationship with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The social-media venture’s mission is to gather African-American support for Romney’s White House bid.

“Mitt Romney will create many new jobs for African-Americans. He has laid out a plan to get the economy moving, lower unemployment and make sure that promises made by a functional government are promises kept,” the John Jay College of Criminal Justice student writes.

Cruger, who is president of his school’s Republican Club, told The Hill that he is often “one of a few African-Americans at any Republican event.” He hopes the Facebook effort will help change that.

I think more people of my race should be Republican because I believe the Republican Party has been looking out for Black people a whole lot,” said Cruger, adding that fellow GOPers have made him feel extremely welcome.

This gif might possibly help his goal of 100 facebook likes.

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  • Apr 25
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  1. spacecadet answered: Black republicans are brainwashed puppets. Not that black liberals aren’t. But damn… the lesser evil, please?
  2. kristenfer answered: …Is this a joke?
  3. bbbritney reblogged this from blackfashion and added:
    no. NO ROMNEY. Romney is not a supporter for African Americans!!
  4. bbbritney answered: ew romney sucks
  5. moderndayrenaissanceman answered: GTFOH dude Republican’s have not helped the Poor black people of this country. . Need we remind him of Ronald Reagan
  6. sydney-a-belle reblogged this from blackfashion and added:
    what! does he realise what he is saying
  7. deetales answered: This child needs prayer. What a joke!
  8. themidwhere answered: *hums negro spirituals and fans self with eyes closed*
  9. rondalynraw answered: I didn’t vote for Barack just because he was black.
  10. essentialsofcool answered: applaud him for being politically active and somewhat informed, but
  11. urbansocialight answered: Many Black American’s morally share Republican values. But fiscally Republicans do not look out for minorities/poor. So I can’t support them.
  12. mamrieslaugh answered: I have no words…
  13. al4blaq answered: When white privilege, patriarchal values, white racism and discrimination as a whole doesn’t exist, that’s when I’ll join.
  14. prettystoned answered: Everyone is entitled to vote how they want, but Romney isn’t good for anyone. Regardless of race.
  15. koreankaramel answered: 'Has been looking out for black people a whole lot.” …examples? Real ones?
  16. because-blackgirls-duh answered: he shoot kill himself… That is all. I dont care about whatever any one else has to say. kill Yo Self!
  17. willowtree27 answered: Any black person who knows anything about politics would never “like” this Facebook page.
  18. thephotographersdomain answered: Sounds like a disillusioned, confused black kid to be honest
  19. 0xmichelle answered: iono bout all that. he pretty much said “hey my dad was friends with a black person. vote for me!”
  20. ladysugatits answered: Cruger really isn’t saying anything substantial. To each its own.
  21. tiptoetothesun answered: NOOOOOOOOOO!! IM SUPER LIBERAL!!!!
  22. primerisian answered: what does that mean? “has been looking out for Black people a whole lot”?
  23. beautyloveandsociety answered: Is this real life?…
  24. h0neybuns reblogged this from blackfashion and added:
    maybe if Romney wasn’t such a asshole fuckface who thinks way too highly of himself and not of anyone else and didn’t...
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  26. th3sp0t answered: just cuz you’re NOT a racist, that does not make you the most fit candidate for the job. Romney is two faced and his history on MA healthc
  27. g-i-s-m answered: oxymoronic.
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  29. harajuku1991 answered: boooo obama for the win
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    uncle tom ? yea, he does resemble him.
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    it’s going to take a lot more than Romney recalling HIS FATHER’S relationship with MLK Jr. and a gif of him putting an...
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    He clearly didn’t here Romney’s speech abt blacks being free loaders and his family owning slaves…moron
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    i hate everything.
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    Cough cough Uncle Tom cough cough The flu is making it’s rounds
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    Imma leave this here for you to decide…
  39. ashanishanae answered: negative
  40. theunintentionalmisfit answered: My honest opinion?If Mitt Romney become president. USA will become aan even joke. That man is clueless. Support a candidate not a party
  41. malcolmexcalibur answered: Yeah don’t Republicans do some pretty messed up stuff for Black Americans?

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