According to The Dream “Black people are no longer capable of making soulful records anymore.”

The Dream also lost a bet to dye his beard BLONDE.

It’s called rhythm and blues; they just took the blues out of it for so long,” Dream told The Guardian.

What’s crazy is that blacks can’t do soul records any more. We love Adele singing it, but Beyoncé singing it? No.”

Dream claims it takes a “club hit” for black people to sell records: “No, the tempo’s too slow, gimme the club hit. Now the Blacks in America are responsible for the Pop records, and everybody else is singing soulful records. It’s weird to me. We’re pigeonholed over there.”

Do you agree with the Dream?

  • Apr 23
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  1. affectionate-anarchy answered: Each.Line.DAMN.
  2. treu answered: so where is the dream’s soulful records…i’ll wait as i digg through this new batch of vinyl
  3. godmustbeaboogieman answered: I’ve been kinda saying this for a min.. I do not agree with that beard though.
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  5. parekooo answered: yes
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  7. noparts answered: he look ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. period.
  8. cshesodope answered: I dont agree. Plenty of black people are still making soulful records. Frank Ocean, Usher,Kem. Plenty of many black artist are still out her
  9. eyeveeexex answered: he makes a good point. Seems as though every R&B has went pop
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  11. nuh-bill answered: yup
  12. kgotemforyou answered: I totally agree with him.
  13. sylvanusinthehorizon answered: Its not that black folks can’t make soulful music, record execs and record labels don’t give artists the freedom. Anthony Hamilton is soul
  14. squeezehard answered: Yes and no. I think it was a pretty ignorant thing to say, and a sweeping generalisation , but I suppose in some way its true.
  15. naturalislandgurl answered: I think he makes a good point the music today sucks and mostly the younger generation is buying, downloading, and copying it.
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    yeah, there was plenty of soul in Let Me See the Booty. just because you haven’t heard it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist,...
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    Oh for gods sake. Black people ARE making blues and shit, the record companies just won’t pick them up cause its easier...
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    but hasn’t he made club songs?
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    He shouldn’t have chosen Beyoncé though. He should have said: Jill Scott or Faith Evans.
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  24. mezenwa answered: Agree. I personally feel 90’s R&B was the greatest genre of music OF ALL TIME. but that’s just me.
  25. ahighndtheory answered: yes
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    Yes I agree with The Dream’s opinion …….a great example of what he is talking about can be seen in Usher who used to...
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  29. thrusthammer answered: NO I do not believe that
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    This Black ass lumberjack. Have a seat, Blond Ambition. Dummy. OMG…I’ve always hated him. Looking like Teddy Ruxpin.
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  34. theniftian answered: I agree and disagree. We can DEF make soulful records: people just aren’t promoting/buying those artists, for starters…
  35. charmcityking answered: YES
  36. shwagbytch answered: double finger snaps
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    Topic is interesting and I’d love to get into it but that damn beard interrupts my thoughts. He looks like he cooks stew...
  38. p2hot answered: Yes. People who are awesome singers with neo soul and lyrics w/ real messages don’t get played like Rhi and Chris Brown and the more pop shit
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