The Many Styles of Msbambaataa

Name: Nnenna Bambaataa 
Age: 19
Location: NYC 
Occupation: Student

Outfits’ Descriptions: I actually didn’t wear these outfits anywhere, but to take pictures- I have no life outside of school. I love to wear prints, colorblock, and on my fierce days I throw on all black everything. Usually people get their inspiration from magazines and blogs, but I get mine from the random, beautiful people I see walking among the stylish streets of New York.

  1. Describe your personal style? If I could choose one word to describe my style I’d pick versatile. I wear whatever I feel like wearing. I sometimes go according to themes. One day I could look like a rebel, next day retro, another day urban, and the day after that classy. It all depends on my mood and sometimes where I’m going. I just like to be free, and do me.
  2. According to you, the most fashionable place in the world is… NYC
  3. Favorite designers? Tracy Reese, Alexander McQueen, Balmain
  4. Favorite/Least Favorite current Fashion Trend?
    Maxi skirts- I hate showing my legs, so these are perfect for me! 
    Hmm…I don’t dislike any trends.
  5. THIS or THAT
  6. Any other project you’d like us to keep an eye out for? 
    An official blog as well as a youtube channel for makeup, hair, and fashion
  7. Name 5 of your favorite places to shop offline.
    Beacon’s Closet,
    Buffalo Exchange,
    No Relations,
  8. Online
    UrbanOutfitters (during a sale!),
  9. When you hear the term “BlackFashion” What comes to mind? 
    I think of people (not just black) having the ability to feel free to express themselves.
Check out Nnenna at  | twitter | instagram: @msbambaataa
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