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Recently Tika Sumpter showed off her new do at the Rémy Martin V’sStudio 54 Bash.

Do you like Tika’s new do?

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  2. mvelorose answered: No” it makes her too manly and does nothing to flatter her structured face.
  3. aquanix answered: I agree still gorgeous! it def shows off those features!
  4. tha-htwnbelle answered: Hell naw, but she one of dem few ppl that look GREAT in anythang!
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  6. key2la answered: NOT AT ALL
  7. pancakesandspanking answered: I think it shapes her face nicely.
  8. dropdeadandmoveover answered: The halle berry styled haircut she had in ‘The Game’ was better. This right here is eh.
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  10. glam-is-oran answered: yes
  11. gypsywildheart answered: not feelin it
  12. allbulletscomeout answered: no
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  14. thestardreamer answered: It is a bold step but she has confidence and that’s all that REALLy matters :)
  15. gorjusspinky answered: Nope, I personally don’t like it. It makes her look like an old lady.
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    Tika Sumpter…yumm
  17. williamsgotthehype answered: The long hair looked better on her… but shes still a beauty
  18. bohemianafro answered: She REALLY PRETTY but I like her better with longer hair
  19. jlegacy2 answered: not feeling it
  20. tenten-ninetyone answered: no i do not like that “new do” at all lol !
  21. notitlenolimits answered: ummmm…not really a fan of the new do. i do think another short cut would look nice && edgy on her!
  22. wannawannawatermelon answered: No i dont. it makes her look older. and it is all crooked and choppy looking. i dont like it at all.
  23. sinbadxoxo answered: No
  24. dressedupinline answered: hell no.
  25. forthegirlswhocry answered: same, long hair definitely suits her …but shes still very beautiful
  26. freshdotdaily answered: I grew up with Tika Sumpter!
  27. iamkanisha answered: naah
  28. xuly answered: not a fan
  29. couer-de-lion answered: she was obvi kidnapped by edward scissorhands
  30. juiceinawineglass answered: no
  31. nicolettemiracle answered: love your blog please follow back x
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  33. piyaree answered: I agree she still looking gorgeous but I’m not feeling the hairstyle, it puts a few years on her. But good for her if she loves it!
  34. oluwapelumi answered: definietly not my cup of tea… still love her though
  35. dezigneink answered: Love it mang!