The British version of GQ magazine has crowned singer Chris Brown the worst dressed man on the planet. Ouch! Agree or disagree ?

Link ?

  1. givemejei answered: Disagree. Those pics aren’t even recent!
  2. yoemanspeakup answered: no fair BGQ. lol. these are picz from his younger days. he has grown up and his style has changed. cut him some slack BGQ. haha
  3. prettygirlelle answered: Definitely agree. 85% of the time I see him, I always ask “WTF does he have on and why?”
  4. jazmynmonet answered: definitely disagree . how dare they ?
  5. thecameraunleashed answered: agree
  6. blaqadence answered: Agree, these outfits are like casual Steve Harvey suits
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  8. starrinme answered: OUCH is right but whats with all his old pics, i’ve seen him dress WAY better!
  9. jskittlezjuarez answered: i kinda have to agree whats up with the untied bow tie?
  10. somethingregal answered: disagree! At least judge I’m off of up to date photos
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  13. vixxym answered: Disagree. These pictures were when he was young.
  14. tantializing answered: Agree. Edgy isn’t always fashion forward.
  15. ibflawless answered: styles are different as long as he likes what he sees, leave him alone. i kinda some of the outfits i think its creative
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  17. ivxxdeuce answered: top pic looks pretty recent judging by the tats, and he still dresses wonky after all these years. AGREED
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  19. loveyourmixtape answered: Disagree.
  20. jacquesmajor answered: agreed
  21. damims10 answered: lol they could be right. i never look at him for fashion lol
  22. fiercenfne answered: disagree
  23. samndrsn answered: He needs a tailor, he dresses like a 15 year old.
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  25. beautiful-intelligence said: alot of these pictures are old… so no
  26. endlesstalent answered: They’re not too far from the truth! Esp the Ronald McDonald Look bottom right *yikes!*
  27. mshoward2u answered: agree his stylist should be hung on the daily
  28. molotov-cocktail-dress said: *impartial. meh.
  29. molotov-cocktail-dress answered: i hate him, so i can’t be partial about this. agree.
  30. narwhal-kisses answered: Wow. That’s an overstatement, at the very least.
  31. fashionbitch answered: I agree
  32. gbybloodnotrelation answered: although these looks are quite terrible, these looks were from chris’ younger days…so i don’t thin it’s a fair crowning LOL
  33. fashionhurricane answered: … all these outfits are bordering on tacky. but I don’t think he’s the worst dressed. maybe wayne…lol
  34. sabrinasthoughts answered: agreed. he’s tacky as fuck.
  35. thug-lifestyle answered: DISAGREE
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  37. officiallyfreedom answered: According to these pics?? Agreed
  38. momocita answered: All these photos are from years ago… Aren’t they judging from 2011 picutres?
  39. tayssickthoughts answered: disagree i mean back when he first came out it was rough but he has done well with his style this past year
  40. october-eightyeight answered: agree
  41. lisedivamarie answered: disagree !!!!
  42. todaymyheartsings answered: I hate Chris Brown but he’s not the worst dressed, Lil Wayne is.
  43. brooklynblake answered: But Chris Doesnt Even Dress Like This No More…
  44. henj-gq answered: Agree
  45. ayeebabyee answered: Bullshit he look better than any other of these young rappers
  46. pinkrosepetalskey answered: These pics are when he was younger lol, his fashion sense is much better now

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