During an interview with VH1 News at the Sundance Film Festival, Aubrey “Drake” Graham admits to a dream role that he is secretly studying for.

I hope somebody makes a movie about Obama’s life soon because I could play him, that’s the goal. I watch all the addresses. Anytime I see him on TV, I don’t change the channel, I definitely pay attention and listen to the inflections of his voice. If you ask anyone who knows me, I’m pretty good at impressions." Drake stated. 

I want to do something great,” he said. “I want to do something for my culture: the younger people who are still in tune with everything going on. I’m actually writing with my friends right now,” he continued.

You think wheelchair Jimmy has the acting chops to take on the role of one of the United States most dignified Black man ever?

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    if this actually happens, i’ll be the FIRST one in line to get tickets
  7. eskimopie answered: i think that he does and i think that he would do a great job
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  10. whooadudehushthat answered: Heavens no
  11. inneradiance answered: yes
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  13. brandilovesbeauty answered: Absolutely not. I’m actually mortified at the thought.
  14. movinginretro answered: No… No i do not
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  16. antonioache answered: Gonna have to agree with Bon Qui Qui!
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    uhhh i like drake and degrassi, but i don’t know about this one.
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    uhhh….nah. I think this is what you’d call a ‘hoe sit down!’ moment. This guy needs to let that dream go or make it come...
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    ^ I wouldn’t say all that lol, but nahh Drake..bad decision.
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    I’m sorry but..that’s a no. I’m not trying to hate on Drake but I’d be pissed if someone ever casts him as Obama. He...
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  29. thelovelyify answered: I’m not too sure how I feel about this…I have mixed thoughts. But I do this Obama deserves a movie about his life.
  30. samndrsn answered: Drake will always be Wheel Chair Jimmy to me, He hasn’t been acting recently though so not yet. Act More Drake.
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  32. sassyeyes answered: I don’t think that he could play Obama however I think that he is definitely a smart guy and a pretty good actor.
  33. elinordash answered: Man if he could go from Jimmy to one of the biggest rappers out there it wouldnt surprise me if he blew the role out the park
  34. redmeridian answered: No
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