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Ezinne M, Brooklyn, NY




Mike Brown’s Vigil in Ferguson, MO.

We marched with Mike’s mother to the site of her son’s murder. When we stopped to pray, I looked down and noticed that there was still blood lining the street. That’s when it felt real for me. I saw my own brother’s blood splattered across the pavement…murdered in broad daylight… brains spilling out. I saw my own mother shaking as she prayed over his distant body from behind the caution tape. I saw myself before the world… trying to explain why he deserved to live. 

Jordan Shanks 

JordanShanksDC on IG 

Andrew, 20, College Park MD

Brenda, Toronto

$7 thrifted shirt


Name: Ofunne, NYC

Blog: IG: @kerrilove

Bria Van Cooten, 21, Brooklyn, NY

Photographed by @George_Solomon

IG: @BriaVanCooten

Top: H&M Basic Tee

Bottom: Printed Shorts UO

Shoes: Vans (Dirty)

Model: thewhorishvirgin

Photography: peakedinterests

Outfit: H&M 

photography: peakedinterests

Photo - Jay Photography
Model - Ben Moyo & Anita Mfinyongo
Styling - Chocolate Brother x Afro Grunge
Theme - Denim on Denim
Blogs - &
Instagram - @benmoyo @afrogrunge



Barbapapa, photographer Isabelle Chapuis 

this is fuckin brilliant

(via negresse-intensa)

Devon Lindsay, 20, Dallas TX

IG: __devonlee

Elizabeth Ajomale, London.

Wearing USC Top, Miss Selfridge Skirt, Newlook Boots



Wearing: Slim Fit button down shirt + skinny tie by Express, D1 Dockers, Cole Haan hard bottom shoes.

N/A/L: K.S.F [Exec.Walls] / 27 / P.G.County, Maryland

Submitted & Photographed by: Exec.Walls  «== click for more photos, words, and art

Playing with sand in her hand.

Desiree x Brianna.

Photo by (

Name: Brooklyn West Carter

Clothes : Pink Dolphin

Age : 23

Instagram : @hypesterhymnist

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