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Philadelphia, PA

Thrift find by Washington Ave. Styles

Kate Washington, Houston, TX

Submitted by: Washington Ave styles

IG: @_Washington Ave styles


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if u think that a blog that is a safe space for black women translates into a ‘white women hating blog’ then u honestly need to grow up! just because we uplift one another as black women doesn’t mean we hate white women or we are attacking white women! black women need to honestly stan for themselves because no one else is? the last time i checked u self hating ass niggas wasn’t but i’m sleep!!!! 

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susiethemoderator Is that weave question serious? Like you're asking black women why they wear weaves? Is this seriously the subject today?

The question was a response to statement made by an anonymous user. I don’t care why anyone chooses to wear weaves or not. The only response I care about in regards to that question is “because I can.” The point I was trying to make is if you ask any black girl why  she wears weaves you’ll get a bunch of different answers, but one answer you will never get is “because I want to be like white girls so bad.”

Sarah , 19 , Canada

Anonymous Black girls want to be like white girls so much that they bye $700 on weaves and wonder why they still live in the ghetto

Mpho Makua

Photography by Lebogang Tlhako

South Africa

Why do you wear weaves? I wear em for protection and because I’m a chameleon. why do you wear weaves?

Khensi, 22, Pretoria - South Africa 

IG: @Ma_khensi 

Black people police themselves so much in public



And they don’t even think about it. Don’t talk too loud, don’t make too many requests, don’t complain too forcefully about shitty service, put up with weird ass slightly racial compliments. And sometimes we joke about it like “lol! Better not do (normal human thing) cuz then people might think we’re uncivilized niggers” but it’s a painful constricting way to live. And not a type of way of living that non-Black people will understand


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