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Jarrid ,23, NYC

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Leather Top : A.N.A,  Turtle Neck : Uniqlo,  Leather Pants: H&M,

Bag : Marni,  Boots : Rivithead, Glasses : Jeremy Scott

Levis 501 shorts, H&M Oversized shorts, Topshop sandals, Coach purse

Cam Veronica, 27, Boston
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Dress: H&M, Shoes: ASOS, Hat: H&M

Cam Veronica, 27, Boston
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Dress - H&M, Bag - Zara, Shoes - Zara, Hat - Handmade

Cam Veronica, 27, Boston
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Onyinye, Kharkov


Instagram/Twitter: @modavracha

Sweater - Zara 

Krystal , 18 , New York City 

Photo By Rezzy Redwood 

Nick Junior, NYC


Armanda, MD

Photographed by Ornelle Chimi

Cut off Levi shorts, Button up and hat (Urban O.), chain (H&M), Timbs.

Travis, 21, Virginia.

IG: yeah_itstraviee

Cut off Levi shorts, Polka dot button up and chain (H&M), jean jacket (Thrift), Combat boots.

Devonte, 22, Virginia

IG: unliketherestt

Fashion, New York City.

Marvin | 17 | Boston,MA

Instagram // @proswervez


(Source: kelvinabram)







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Black t-shirt : divided from h&m

leather pants : topshop

shoes : toms

Aderoju Salami,17,Kent

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Nicholas Cash | 22

IG: Niccvsh

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